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“The key to achieving what we want out of life lies in establishing
our goals and then continuing to feed our minds with thoughts
and ideas that are consistent with our goals and taking action.”

~Don Green



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Do not expect something for nothing. Be willing to give an equivalent value for all that you desire, and include in your plans a definite provision for doing so. –Napoleon Hill

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Vintage Essays By Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumnet

Never make a case against yourself. ~Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

Dear Readers:

Personal Initiative is the principle of success that enables you to change “I can’ts” into “I cans.” At times things may seem so difficult that you truly believe there is nothing that you can do right. Negativity sets in and positivity runs out the door. You see yourself at a standstill because the mountain in front of you won’t reduce into the conquerable molehill, and all seems beyond your capability. Looking through dark colored glasses, this world view isn’t a pretty one. “How does a person overcome this inability to perform?” you ask yourself. Well, the answer is right at your feet — get out of bed and get moving! Personal initiative requires taking more control over your physical self rather than your mental self. Actually, thinking too much can slow you down.

Once upright, the next question is what do I do now? The simple answer, anything. Just get moving. Our bodies are made for physical movement and when our mind is in synchronization with our bodies they work best in tandem. We all know the phrases – “Do It Now!,” “Do First Things First,” and “Eat the Frog First.” Agreeably all these motivational mantras help to make the mind shift to the positive side, but they do not work unless the commands for action are followed. “Do” and “Eat” are action words that challenge us to move.

Jam & Jelly by Holly and Nellie is a children’s book that focuses on taking personal initiative to acquire a much needed coat for the cold winter months in Northern Michigan. Written by Gloria Whelan, this story develops the idea of using personal initiative and what one already has to transform something available such as local berries into something needed – a warm winter coat for school. Using both personal initiative and creative vision, Holly’s mother doesn’t back down from the problem or lament her circumstances, instead she gets busy making jellies and jams with her daughter that will be sold to earn monies for the coat. Once the plan is in place, and mother and daughter work the plan, the good result is inevitable.

Life brings us many situations of “I can’ts.” If we allow these threats to defeat us, they will. Always remember to list those things you can do to resolve a situation, rather than those things you cannot do. Therein lies the seed of an equal or greater benefit. The kernel of hope that oftentimes remains hidden in the adversity. There are things Holly can do and things her mother can do, and they are not the same. But combining these things together through the principle of personal initiative enables the outcome to be a positive one – a new, warm winter coat for school.

Try the secret ingredient of personal initiative today in your own life. The outcome will bring sweeter results rather than if you remained a sourpuss and only wallowed in your difficulties. Have high hopes and your intention will create your positive outcome.

Be Your Very Best Always,
Judy Williamson

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The Law of Success


Symptoms of the Fear of Criticism
by Napoleon Hill

Criticism is the one form of service, of which everyone has too much. Everyone has a stock of it which is handed out, gratis, whether called for or not. One’s nearest relatives often are the worst offenders. It should be recognized as a crime (in reality it is a crime of the worst nature), for any parent to build inferiority complexes in the mind of a child, through unnecessary criticism. Employers who understand human nature, get the best there is in men, not by criticism, but by constructive suggestion. Parents may accomplish the same results with their children. Criticism will plant FEAR in the human heart, or resentment, but it will not build love or affection.

Symptoms of the fear of criticism:

This fear is almost as universal as the fear of poverty, and its effects are just as fatal to personal achievement, mainly because this fear destroys initiative, and discourages the use of imagination.

The major symptoms of the fear are:

SELF-CONSCIOUSNESS. Generally expressed through nervousness, timidity in conversation and in meeting strangers, awkward movement of the hands and limbs, shifting of the eyes.

LACK OF POISE. Expressed through lack of voice control, nervousness in the presence of others, poor posture of body, poor memory.

PERSONALITY. Lacking in firmness of decision, personal charm, and ability to express opinions definitely. The habit of side-stepping issues instead of meeting them squarely. Agreeing with others without careful examination of their opinions.

INFERIORITY COMPLEX. The habit of expressing self-approval by word of mouth and by actions, as a means of covering up a feeling of inferiority. Using “big words” to impress others, (often without knowing the real meaning of the words). Imitating others in dress, speech and manners. Boasting of imaginary achievements. This sometimes gives a surface appearance of a feeling of superiority.

EXTRAVAGANCE. The habit of trying to “keep up with the Joneses,” spending beyond one’s income.

LACK OF INITIATIVE. Failure to embrace opportunities for self-advancement, fear to express opinions, lack of confidence in one’s own ideas, giving evasive answers to questions asked by superiors, hesitancy of manner and speech, deceit in both words and deeds.

LACK OF AMBITION. Mental and physical laziness, lack of self-assertion, slowness in reaching decisions, easily influenced by others, the habit of criticizing others behind their backs and flattering them to their faces, the habit of accepting defeat without protest, quitting an undertaking when opposed by others, suspicious of other people without cause, lacking in tactfulness of manner and speech, unwillingness to accept the blame for mistakes.

Source:  Think and Grow Rich A Ballantine Book, Published by Random House Publishing Group 1960. Pgs 210 and 211.

Napoleon Hill Signature

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Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification
Caribbean Cruise November 1421, 2015

“The Mastermind Alliance principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working together in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite objective.”
~ Napoleon Hill

On day 2, our ship crew will attain for us one definite objective: Barbados.

Dear Friends of Napoleon Hill,

“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.” You have probably heard this saying before. And, it always rings true because both new and old friends are precious commodities that no money on earth can buy.

Many of you have taken our courses and traveled with us to special destinations before such as Italy, Greece, Ireland, Turkey, Malaysia, Borneo, Canada, China, and even the USA. Some of you have requested a reunion trip or an alumni trip. Now is a good time to think about coming together again.

Why not consider traveling with us to Puerto Rico this November? My registration goal is 100+ people who are onboard Celebrity’s Summit and able to connect and mastermind with each other. How better to put yourself in proximity with likeminded people who hold the same values and beliefs regarding changing the world in a positive manner as you do!

The Napoleon Hill World Learning Center has assembled these very individuals and now you can join them and benefit from all the effort that has been put forth in planning a remarkable event for remarkable people who aspire to change the world!

Make this your reunion trip of 2015! Come and enjoy, come and mastermind, come and make new friends while keeping the old. Consider this your invitation to join us for another memorable trip. Hope to see you soon.

Be Your Very Best Always and in All Ways,

Judy Williamson

P.S. This cruise will be a first time event for our worldwide Hispanic participants. Concurrently, we will be offering for the VERY FIRST TIME our Leadership Certification classes in both English and Spanish. The Spanish course will be taught by Certified Instructors Aris Nielsen and Lupita Williamson. Don’t miss out. Be the first to participate in this historic event onboard Celebrity’s Summit.

Questions about the cruise:
Please email or call Pat Andreatta:
Phone number in USA – 1-708-798-5072

Questions about Certification:
Please email or call Chino:
Phone number in USA – 1-219-989-3166

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Darkness and Light
by Jim Stovall

As a blind person, I have to constantly remind myself that the world is not simply divided into darkness and light. In reality, there are myriad degrees of darkness and intensities of light. I don’t know if the old phrase is literally true that it is always darkest before the dawn, but I do know that in human endeavor, social change, and global progress, it is always darkest before someone turns on the light.

Those who simply curse the darkness have a powerful voice until one enlightened or determined individual turns on the light. Then the naysayers, complainers, and critics simply fade into obscurity.

I have heard it said and often repeated that there has never been a monument erected to a critic. The most widely-read book among achievers and successful people is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Hill turned on the light in the midst of a vast darkness. Many of us who have written and shared our ideas since the time of Napoleon Hill have mostly reflected his light to extinguish the darkness around us.

Among Hill’s many breakthrough concepts was the idea that in every adversity there is a seed of a greater good. If we extend this into our lives, every opportunity comes disguised as a problem or challenge. The whole world is hoping and praying for a great idea, and they trip over one about three times each week but fail to recognize it because it appears to be a problem. All you need do to have a great idea is to go through your daily routine, wait for something bad to happen, and ask the powerful question, “How could I have avoided that?” The answer to that question is a great idea. To extend the concept a bit further, all you need to do to have a great business is to ask one further question. “How can I help other people avoid that problem?”

The world will give you fame, fortune, and security if you will focus on them and help them solve their problems, but if you choose to stand in the darkness and curse the current conditions as opposed to simply turning on the light, you are destined to live an unremarkable and frustrating existence.

Whenever possible in pointing out a problem to a colleague, friend, or family member, bring a potential solution to the discussion of the problem. You can succeed in business and in life if you become known as a problem-solver. In any organization, the person who solves the problems rises to the top. People want to be around that individual and follow them. On the other hand, the person who constantly curses the darkness by pointing out every problem without offering or even considering a solution becomes someone to avoid.

As you go through your day today, use the darkness as an opportunity to let your light shine.

Today’s the day!

Jim Stovall is the president of Narrative Television Network, as well as a published author of many books including The Ultimate Gift. He is also a columnist and motivational speaker. He may be reached at 5840 South Memorial Drive, Suite 312, Tulsa, OK 74145-9082;
Email at

Twitter at
Facebook at

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Think and Grow Rich

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Foundations for Success

The Little Book of Leadership

Timeless Thoughts for Today

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Napoleon Hill’s Timeless Thoughts for Today pairs Dr. Hill’s philosophy with actions that will move you toward success. First chart your course, next plan your method of travel, and third, step into the journey and begin! As you progress, you can then evaluate what actions work best for you. Look at this book as your treasure map. When you follow it to your destination, you will be rewarded with finding the treasure you seek.

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Listen to the full unabridged text of Napoleon Hill’s You Can Work Your Own Miracles. On these CDs you will learn that success belongs to those lucky people who are blessed with successful personalities. With these outstanding human beings, success is a daily miracle, a way of life, a habit.

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Believe and Achieve

by W. Clement Stone

In 1952, W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill joined forces and philosophies. Stone added his Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) concept to Hill’s principles, resulting in the classic book, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude. The two men spent the next 10 years writing and lecturing about the story of success through PMA. Their formula was to become the foundation for virtually all modern motivational writing. Believe and Achieve explains exactly how the personal, intellectual, attitudinal, fraternal, and spiritual principles used by the likes of Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and F. W. Woolworth—as well as modern achievers like Tom Monaghan, Mary Kay Ash, Larry King, and Steve Jobs—Believe & Achieve can be applied by you to reach your goals.

Believe and Achieve is not the last word on creating success; that story will continue to evolve as long as the human race endures. Instead, the Napoleon Hill Foundation hopes that it will be nothing more than the first words in the next chapter of your life: the first of many chapters in which success is the theme.

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The Little Book of Leadership

By: Jeffrey Gitomer

This comprehensive book will help you understand your situation, identify your opportunities, create your objectives, execute by action and delegation, and establish a leadership position through enthusiasm, brilliance, action, collaboration, resilience, and achievement.

The time for real-world leadership is NOW. This is a leadership book that transcends theory and philosophy, and gets right down to brass tacks and brass tactics, and adds a few brass balls.It’s full of practical, pragmatic, actionable ideas and strategies that when implemented assure respect and loyalty – and ensure long-term success and legacy.

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