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“Things that you desire can become reality as, with your faith, you begin to see or visualize your desires becoming real.”

~Don Green


Chino Martinez from the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center talked about Think and Grow Rich – Organo Gold branded book.


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Do not expect something for nothing. Be willing to give an equivalent value for all that you desire, and include in your plans a definite provision for doing so. –Napoleon Hill

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Daily Duets
by Napoleon Hill & Judith Williamson

A Companion App for the Printed Book



Daily Duets are 365 days of unforgettable thoughts to enrich your life. Authors Napoleon Hill and Judith Williamson inspire you to begin each day with a positive message. Now, these unique motivational messages are combined into a daily mobile app for easy access.

Day by day you will find that Daily Duets enables you to acquire and maintain a positive mental attitude so that sooner than later it become an ingrained habit. A little truly does go a long way when you begin the daily routine of reading and applying these habit forming and enriching ideas that place you on the highway to success!

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Vintage Essays By Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumnet

Faith is the function of the heart. ~Mahatma Gandhi

Dear Readers:

A children’s story about belief, applied faith, and visualization that has endured the test of time is Margery Williams’ classic tale The Velveteen Rabbit, subtitled Or How Toys Become Real. As you read the story and see in your mind’s eye the detailed description of the little toy rabbit with its pink nose, button eyes, and string whiskers, you can conjure up an image from childhood that recalls such toys in the nursery. Perhaps you even had a similar toy that you played with, talked to, and took on outings in the back yard. As you think back and remember, these toys were not just playthings, rather, they had a life of their own and really were your imaginary playmates.

How different it is when we grow up! But, on second thought, is it really? We still imagine, daydream, and visualize our desires and many of those imaginings become real. Last year I shared with you my desire for a special puppy that I first saw in Alaska on a trip several years ago. I remembered that dog, called a Leonberger, and decided that when the time was right I would have one. The puppy only lived in my imagination for a long time, and I tried to locate a breeder with no success. I even contacted my niece Tricia who lived in Alaska at the time, and she said, “Auntie, there aren’t any here.”

Well, if you know anything about synchronicity, this is what happened. I was traveling to Houston with my husband and friend Alan when we stopped to spend the night half way at a hotel. My husband is a patient at MD Anderson, so Alan was taking over some of the driving duties. Up early, I needed my coffee. Bob and I got into the elevator and as the door opened I was astonished to see an eight week old Leonberger puppy on a leash with his owner. I looked and recognized the breed. Impulsively, I asked the owner where he got him. He responded, “We just picked him up from a breeder in Indiana, and his name is Leo!” Amazing, a Leonberger in my own backyard. Leo’s owner left the name of the breeder for me at the front desk, and I contacted her. Last weekend we drove to her home and put a deposit down on Olivia.

To me, I knew the puppy real and I thought it into existence one desire at a time! Just like the Velveteen Rabbit, I envisioned what I wanted, knew it was out there because I saw “real” ones, and made it show up right on schedule. Whether this is truth in advance, conceive it, believe it, achieve it, applied faith, or the Universe delivering right on schedule, I will leave for you to decide. But, when that puppy stood outside the elevator looking at me, I know that I would not have much longer to wait. My dream of a real Leonberger was standing there in reality looking back at me. How’s that for synchronicity? You’ll see it when you believe it – that is for certain.

So, read The Velveteen Rabbit to someone special and then ask them what they want to love into existence. You both will be the wiser for it!

Be Your Very Best Always,
Judy Williamson

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The Law of Success


Free Yourself from Self-Imposed Limitations
by Napoleon Hill

The mind has been provided with a gateway of approach to Infinite Intelligence through what is known as the subconscious mind. From the vast reservoir of Infinite Intelligence, through the gateway of the subconscious mind, there flows into the conscious mind of man a continual stream of intelligence upon which we are dependent for our growth and development, and the unfolding of our innate powers. It is in this inflowing stream of intelligence that “we live and move and have our being.”

Therefore, keep this gateway open. Keep it free from self-imposed limitations and restrictions. Do nothing which might stop this inflowing energy. Infinite Intelligence recognizes no limitations except those which we impose upon ourselves.

Whatever the mind of man conceives, man can achieve, so long as his conception does not run counter to any natural laws and is in harmony with a moral and orderly universe.

One of the purposes of man’s existence here on earth seems to be to act as the receiver and distributor of the power of Infinite Intelligence. We can see that, to the extent that man cooperates in this purpose, he allies himself with the forces behind all nature. And, conversely, to the extent that he looks out only for his own selfish ends, he is opposing this power, or retarding its flow.

The power of Infinite Intelligence pours life into us as a flowing stream, maintaining all of the functions of our bodies and minds. We can use it to guide and govern the circumstances and conditions of our lives, if we will act as conductors of this energy, and shape it according to our constructive purposes.

This inflowing power has no limitations. It is forced to manifest itself in this world in a way in which we, as individuals, can understand and express it.

Life energy flows into a positive, receptive mind in a continual stream, just as strips of aluminum alloy are fed into the punch presses of a fabricating plant. Going into it is potential life, potential abundance, potential power, potential riches. But, like the forced aluminum strips, our thought coming out can be only what we have expressed – what the stamping machines of our own convictions and beliefs have impressed upon the original material.

Whatever we accept, whatever we love, cherish or desire with a burning desire and hold constantly in our thoughts as our own, finds fulfillment in our lives. As sunlight, passing through a prism, is broken up into its component color rays, so Infinite Intelligence, in passing through our conscious minds, takes on a variety of forms. The prism of our minds can be darkened only by the imperfections of our own creations of worry, fear and failure consciousness, which shut out all the lighter, happier colors. It is a stream of intelligence that starts through us, but just as a poorly made die in the punch press can cut rude and ugly pieces from the best of raw material, just as a faulty prism can turn beams of sunshine into shadows, so can our disbeliefs and doubts turn perfect life-energy into sickness, poverty, discord and misery.

The first essential then, is to be careful of the pattern of the die, to watch your desires and beliefs as carefully as the director of the United States Mint watches the die that casts the silver coins. Instead of picturing the things you fear and do not want, and thus stamping a negative on the Infinite Intelligence flowing into your mind, be sure to picture the conditions you do want.

If you would have faith, keep your mind on that which you want and off that which you do not want.

Source:  PMA Science of Success Course. Educational Edition. The Napoleon Hill Foundation. 1983. Pgs. 87-89.

Napoleon Hill Signature

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3 major events in 2015 with the
NHF World Learning Center!




Dear Students and Friends of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center,

As Dr. Hill reminds us, each of us is in control of our destiny by the habits we fix in our lives. May all your habits be good ones!

The habit of lifelong learning is shared by almost all fans of Napoleon Hill’s writing. We have three upcoming events in 2015 that mix business, education, and recreation. During our Leader Certification conferences, we study intensely, but we also make plenty of time for socializing and networking with like-minded people.

Have you made the commitment to become a recognized certified instructor of Dr. Hill’s Philosophy of Success?

I hope you will join us for at least one of our major events this year. Our classes typically bring together 30 to 40 people for a life-changing experience.

You’re already reading the Thought for the Day, and if you’re like most subscribers, you’re inspired every morning. Are you ready to receive even more of Dr. Hill’s wisdom and practical advice for realizing your goals?

If so, please consider yourself cordially invited to become part of our group. Just click below to get full details of the 2015 World Learning Center events.

Yes! I want more event information!

Wishing each of you great success in 2015 as you strive to make yourself the very best you can be!

Judith Williamson
Director, Napoleon Hill World Learning Center
Purdue University Calumet

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February 2015 Special Offer!

Great Quotes from Napoleon Hill Calendar

How to Attract Men and Money
By Rosa Lee Hill

With Commentary by Napoleon Hill, Judith Williamson and
Christina Chia

As an historical document, this work is of utmost importance because it establishes the milleu in which Think and Grow Rich comes to life. By putting ourselves into the situation that Napoleon Hill and Rosa Lee found themselves in, we can begin to picture the enthusiasm, energy, dedication, and self-discipline that each partner put forward in bringing this work to the world.

In a later work Dr. Hill could have been referring to himself and Rosa Lee as he writes:

Their master mind alliance, based on the definiteness of purpose of two people who were willing to work in the spirit of harmony for the fulfillment of that purpose, is an inspiration to all who would achieve greatness. It is needless to elaborate on the tremendous power which grew out of this alliance, and brought into being one of the greatest enterprises the world has ever seen. Power was generated in the minds of two humble people who knew what they wanted to do, who rendered service on the basis of going the extra mile, and who blended all their forces and concentrated their attention on their major purposes until success was achieved.

You too can benefit from their findings published in 1940 and then forgotten until now! Additionally, contemporary commentary by Judith Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center (USA) and Christina Chia, Founder of Napoleon Hill Associates (Malaysia) brings each chapter’s content into the 21st Century through an East meets West discussion. Now, a global community of learners can begin to think and grow rich with current insights!

Be Your Very Best Always,
Judith Williamson

February special $15.00 (Originally $25.00)
Includes shipping within the continental U.S.A., (shipping cost is extra outside continental U.S.A.)

To order please contact Chino at

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Foundations for Success


Your Right to Be Rich -
Napoleon Hill Home Study Course

Read. Listen. Watch. Succeed. The only self-paced success course written by Napoleon Hill himself!

You’ve read Think and Grow Rich and Law of Success. You’re inspired and want to enjoy the life you’re now imagining. How do you make your dreams of success a reality?

Napoleon Hill was a life-long proponent of correspondence courses and home study. In Your Right to Be Rich, Dr. Hill worked with W. Clement Stone to produce the capstone to his writing and lecturing career. This is the only Foundation-approved home study course teaching the 17 Principles of Success.

The 2015 edition has embraced online technology and retained traditional audio and video lectures and reading materials. Whatever your style of learning, you’ll find ideas and benefits you can start using today.

Available in English and Spanish!

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The PMA Bookshelf

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Think and Grow Rich

The Master Key to Riches

Foundations for Success

The Little Book of Leadership

Think and Grow Rich

by Napoleon Hill

As Executive Director of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, I receive many requests from people wanting the original 1937 copy of Think and Grow Rich. To satisfy those of you who desire to have a 1937 unedited copy, we have reproduced Napoleon Hill’s personal copy of the first edition, printed in March of 1937. The book has the notation, “not to be loaned,” and signed: Annie Lou Hill (the wife of Dr. Hill). This personal copy of Dr. Hill’s was given to me by Dr. Charles W. Johnson, Chairman of the Napoleon Hill Foundation and a nephew of Napoleon Hill. It was Napoleon Hill who sent Dr. Johnson to medical school, and today he is a practicing cardiologist. Charlie refers to Napoleon Hill as “Uncle Nap” and will often makes the statement, “Uncle Nap would be proud of the Foundation today.” The original 1937 manuscript was written and edited with the assistance of Napoleon’s wife.

Available on


You Can Work Your Own Miracles Audiobook

Read by J. B. Hill, Napoleon Hill’s Grandson

Everything You Desire is Within Your Reach!
…if you learn to tap the miraculous power that lies within your own personality.

Listen to the full unabridged text of Napoleon Hill’s You Can Work Your Own Miracles. On these CDs you will learn that success belongs to those lucky people who are blessed with successful personalities. With these outstanding human beings, success is a daily miracle, a way of life, a habit.

Businesspeople, preachers, doctors, soldiers, artists — people in every walk of life — are learning to achieve their goals, to overcome all obstacles to their success, to live the life they want … through the miraculous power of the successful personality.

You can be one of these people.

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Conceive It!
Believe It!
Achieve It!:
Your Keys to Personal Achievement

by Napoleon Hill & Judith Williamson

It’s as simple as ABC but only in reverse! Napoleon Hill states, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” This simple statement reminds us that the power of the Universe is within each and every one of us. By directing our mind in the path we wish it to go, we determine our ultimate destiny. Simple truths hold profound wisdom. But, just because the truths are simple, does not mean that they are easy. It is my greatest hope that this little book of 52 essays will inspire you weekly to take appropriate action towards your dreams. Dreams come and go, but those that come true are the ones that you believe in without a doubt. When you believe in the power of your dreams you are compelled to take immediate action to make them a reality. May all your dreams come true!

Be Your Very Best Always,
Judith Williamson

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The Little Book of Leadership

By: Jeffrey Gitomer

This comprehensive book will help you understand your situation, identify your opportunities, create your objectives, execute by action and delegation, and establish a leadership position through enthusiasm, brilliance, action, collaboration, resilience, and achievement.

The time for real-world leadership is NOW. This is a leadership book that transcends theory and philosophy, and gets right down to brass tacks and brass tactics, and adds a few brass balls.It’s full of practical, pragmatic, actionable ideas and strategies that when implemented assure respect and loyalty – and ensure long-term success and legacy.

The 12.5 Leadership Strengths revealed in this book will challenge you, admonish you, guide you, and create new success opportunities for you.

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