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Going the Extra Mile – The Classic Success Principle

n this article, I am attempting to co-relate the Classic Success Principle of Going the extra mile with three strong paradigms or contexts i) Age old wisdom from India ii) Nature’s depiction of power of Going the extra mile & iii) Dr. Napoleon Hill’s Life and Success Story. Definition: Render more and better service that that for which you are paid, and sooner or later you will receive compound interest upon compound interest on your investment...

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Ezine 602 | 4 AUGUST 2018

Creative Vision, expressed by men and women who have been unafraid of criticism has been responsible for the civilization of today as we know it. It has also been responsible for the scientific inventions of modern times which have led first to the steamboat age during the days of Robert Fulton; then the railroad age, then electrical age, the steel and iron age, the department store age, the skyscraper age, the automobile age, the airplane age, the age of plastics, and finally the atomic and space age...

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Ezine 600 | 20 JULY 2018

Cooperation, like love and friendship, is something you get by giving. There are many travelers on the road that leads to happiness. You will need their cooperation, they will need yours. And there will be other generations after ours. Their lot in life will depend largely on the inheritance we leave to them. We must become bridge-builders, not only for the present generation but for generations yet unborn...

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Ezine 599 | 13 JULY 2018

Controlled attention is simply the process of coordinating all of the mind’s faculties and using their combined power toward a definite purpose. Controlled attention maximizes its power when it is mixed with the other principles of success...

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Ezine 598 | 06 JULY 2018

When Napoleon Hill wrote about accurate thinking, he would often compare the human mind to a rich piece of soil. Through planning and hard work, a farmer can cultivate the land and turn it into an abundant and prosperous harvest. However, if the soil is not properly tended, then the land will become worthless and full of weeds...

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Ezine 597 | 30 JUNE 2018

Someone once said that if we cannot discipline ourselves, we will be disciplined by others. This is so true because, without self-discipline, we have a tendency to float along through life, following whatever bad habits arise. Without self-discipline, the principles of success cannot be put into action...

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