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Ezine 520 | 6 January 2017

Resolutions always bridge the past to the future. Beginning with a will and a desire to start anew, resolutions help individuals focus on the changes that they want to experience in their lives. Resolving to travel, to read, to become fit, to be more social, to add family rituals to living, to attend more weekly services, to save money, to spend money, to extend kindnesses toward others, and on and on are all good things that focus a person on living in the present moment. It seems that the end result of all resolutions is in seeking more wisdom than was had in the past. To go beyond and find more knowledge in something ordinary that can in turn become extraordinary helps a person in their journey though life. Research bears out the fact that people who are "doing" people, active and involved people, enjoy life more and have better outcomes as the years roll by. Preferring to take a risk, get involved, invest in something untried and new, and grow from where you are to a more improved version of yourself, all bring richness and joy to life.

January 6th, 2017|Ezine|

Ezine 519 | 30 December 2016

Planning in advance helps us reach our goals more systematically and with better results. Creating to-do lists, researching needed information, and reflecting on our progress are all valid ways to move forward. Another proven but sometimes controversial way is to put our subconscious mind on duty. By giving direct, uncomplicated orders in a positive fashion to our subconscious mind, we are in effect programming ourselves for success. The subconscious mind is like a person standing a watch and remains on duty day and night. Our conscious mind is not capable of that rigorous work. Just consider our beating heart, our breathing, our digestion, our circulation, and numerous other things that work unconsciously while we rest or sleep. These functions are supervised by our subconscious mind and give our awake minds the time to rest and rejuvenate. Why not assign the subconscious mind the task of helping you fulfill your desires as well? It could be just the little extra push that you need to reach your goals.

January 6th, 2017|Ezine|

Upcoming 2017 Leader Certification

Details of Leader Certification events in 2017 will be forthcoming as the planning is finalized. Please keep an eye on this page for announcements.

January 3rd, 2017|Events|

Ezine 518 | 23 December 2016

The holiday season is traditionally a time for giving gifts. This year why not consider giving yourself the gift of forgiveness? When you decide to bring peace and love into your life through the process of letting go of the hurts others may have caused, you provide more space for the good things in life. In our mental storehouse, negative thoughts take up as much or more space than positive thoughts. By purging past regrets, memories, hurts, and things others may have brought into our lives, we are telling the Universe that we do not want more of the same. By forgiving you move forward and relinquish the hold that the distant and immediate past can have on you. Space is now created for goodness to be attracted into your life because you have followed the Golden Rule.

December 23rd, 2016|Ezine|

Ezine 517 | 16 December 2016

Success is the product of hard work and effort. A person is required to suit up, show up, and act up (in a positive way) if there is going to be any long term result. Just by taking the initial step even if it is not exactly the right one will produce results in the area of personal initiative, persistence, enthusiasm, and controlled attention. A person may not know all the right steps to take, or the sequence of correct steps to follow, but if no steps are taken the result is oftentimes equal to or worse than taking a misstep. Human nature sometimes causes us to focus on perfection and not results, and for many people this can be a major cause of failure. Waiting for just the right opportunity, at just the perfect time, with guaranteed positive results, is likely never to happen. So, just by stepping out you step ahead of those people who wait patiently for an opportunity that may never come. Think about it. Is your goal of perfection the seed of your failure?

December 16th, 2016|Ezine|

Ezine 516 | 9 December 2016

Too often people believe that if they blame others for their shortcomings it exonerates them from all accountability. Their world view is from the top down, not the bottom up. This way of thinking makes us victims instead of victors. Rather, the opposite concept of “if it’s to be it’s up to me” should be embraced and practiced. Only then can we begin to take control of our actions and our ultimate failure or success.

December 11th, 2016|Ezine|

Ezine 515 | 2 December 2016

Words are a writer’s legacy. Each and every time a person reads a writer anew, the writer lives again. Whether it is Emerson, Shakespeare, Napoleon Hill, or anyone else, as each of their words spring from the page into the mind of a reader, the writer takes on an immortality that outlasts their physical self. It might be timely to make a list of all the comments people have spoken to you either in joy or anger. Why not allow yourself to experience the joyful feelings once again from the positive comments, and next turn the negative comments into something positive?

December 3rd, 2016|Ezine|

New Title: Putting the Principles Into Practice

Readers are leaders. If you want to be one, get out those books and learn the lessons of your choice.

November 30th, 2016|New and Notable|

New Title: The Amazing Adventures of Oliver Hill

Welcome to an Amazing Adventure you will not soon forget of Oliver, Olivia, and Big Zeke who you’ve not yet met....

November 30th, 2016|New and Notable|