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Ezine 544 | 23 June 2017

The seventeen principles of success may be divided into three categories that can help a person understand the system better. You can say that the principles that have been learned in childhood in our past may serve as our roots, or beginnings. Concepts such as Pleasing Personality, Personal Initiative, Positive Mental Attitude, Enthusiasm, and Creative Vision all have their beginnings in our early years of growth, personalization, and play. A youngster learns to get along with parents, siblings, and others through the use of these and more principles. These concepts next serve as the foundation or roots for the character building that comes next as more principles are added.

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Controlled Attention

Controlled Attention: Key to Application of the Science of Success Principles

by Angel L. Rivera, Ph.D.


I started my journey with the seventeen principles of success on January 10, 2013. After completing the three study phases toward certification, in March 2015, I adopted a service project as the means to acquire my […]

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Ezine 543 | 16 June 2017

When individuals, communities, and countries work together as a team everyone's work is enhanced and more appreciated because everyone benefits. A little effort goes a long way, and before you know it great strides are achieved that otherwise could not have been accomplished with only someone's single efforts.. Things can and do become actualized in days rather than weeks or months when everyone pulls metaphorically the same cart in the same direction.

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Ezine 542 | 9 June 2017

Turning the other cheek and shaking off the hurt is the so-called right thing to do, but it often causes people to take advantage of our goodness and exploit our willingness to suck it up for the good of the cause. By speaking up and confronting someone we may be giving them the gift of insight into their behavior and ourselves the gift of foresight as to what will happen if we allow this form of action to continue.

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Ezine 541 | 2 June 2017

Try giving people encouragement instead of advice. That is a sure way to influence people positively. Just ask yourself who and what you listen to when someone speaks to you. I bet the majority of the time, you shrug off the advice or categorize it in the pigeonhole it belongs in, but encouragement is a bird of another feather. Advice reeks of self-importance, and a know-it-all attitude from the giver. Encouragement means to empower another person and not to inflate yourself. Try giving encouragement for each person in need and see how you are relieved of being on duty for the solution to their problem. Encouragement arms people for their own defense, advice or help keeps people little. Being little is not being grownup, and empowerment is the eagle of the bird kingdom, and staying little is the sparrow.

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How To Be in Control of Your Life Using Accurate Thinking

You may be asking yourself, “What exactly is Accurate Thinking?” When I was studying Napoleon Hill’s Science of Success and got to the 10th principle, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Sounds easy, but what is it? What does it have to do with me-or you? How does this apply to our lives? What does it mean? Well, here’s how Napoleon Hill described Accurate Thinking.

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Ezine 540 | 26 May 2017

Do most of us really apply accurate thinking? I had a experience with learning a lesson with that principle this past weekend. Traveling to Virginia for a wedding, we stopped at my home in KY for overnights there and back. Then the rains came. On Friday morning there was water in my basement and enough coming in so that I had to empty my second China cabinet and move furniture. The source was the rain and the water was accumulating steadily at the bottom of the basement steps. Next, it flowed into the basement area. I went downstairs and inspected both drains - one indoors and one outdoors. They appeared to be in order, but the water was accumulating. Finally, I decided that a plumber was needed, but as a last attempt I wanted to check the amount of backup underneath the lid and thought maybe once removed I could force something down and get the water moving. I pulled off the cap, and guess what?

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