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Applied Faith

I have associated with the Napoleon Foundation since 2003 and this has been best thing I have ever done for my life both physically and spiritually. I began attending the free - community classes that were offered at the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center located at Purdue University Northwest where Judith Williamson and Uriel Martinez taught the seventeen principles of success. I was so intrigued by the information that I decided to return as often as it was offered, so I returned 7 more times.

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Ezine 534 | 14 April 2017

That which does not kill us is said to make us stronger. Similarly, the road to true leadership is filled with the 37 potholes of life that Napoleon Hill identifies in the article below. Just reading the list makes anyone grimace in pain because if and when those obstacles are faced and overcome, a person can qualify for sainthood. The fact remains,however, is that true leaders are made, not born. Through sacrifice and suffering, everyone of us can begin to conquer the invisible enemies within and approach becoming more than we are today. It takes courage, persistence, personal initiative, going the extra mile, resilience, learning from adversity and defeat, and many other positive characteristics to offset the unseen army of negativity that assails each of us daily. If we do not fight the good fight, we will lose respect for ourselves.

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Thoughts on Leadership

Often in life it’s a really good idea to “Go the Extra Mile” and sometimes a little more is required of us -- to be bolder and maybe even a bit louder. Being a leader is what most people dream of becoming. But it is more than being the center of the group, the loudest mouth or even the boss....

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Ezine 533 | 7 April 2017

“How do I give of myself creatively?” has been a long standing question that humanity still has not answered correctly. The Bible tells us to give alms to the poor, respect to our parents, praise to the Almighty, and forgiveness to those who harm us, but what does this look like in everyday living? Well, simply by chipping in a dollar or five in a collection, cards on holidays to those we "love," and leaving well enough alone when deciding not to help others is a poor excuse for service. We all do that. Creative giving is responding beyond the expectations and demands of society and going one or two steps more. Things that are easy and common for you may be uncommon for others. When needed, your advice may be more appreciated than a pat on the back and a "you can do it - go get 'em" affirmation. Little things do mean a lot.

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Hill’s Secret

Dr. Hill's famous quote, "Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve" is often misunderstood. On the surface, what he wrote is nothing extraordinary and is simple common sense. If you can conceive of an idea, and believe that you can make it happen, then you will be able to take the steps necessary to carry out your plan to actualize the goal/idea you have.

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Ezine 352 | 31 March 2017

Ella Wheeler Wilcox and Florence Scovel Shinn are two authors worth reading. Ella Wilcox wrote popular poetry on many topics and Florence Shinn's most remembered book is The Game of Life and How to Play It (1925). Dr. Hill often quoted Ella Wilcox because her poetry stated many concepts clearly and concisely. Florence Shinn's contribution heavily involved autosuggestion and tapping into the subconscious for results in living a strong and purposeful life. Both women actively contributed to the New Age movement that was developing during their lifetime.

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Adversity and Defeat

What if every time adversity and defeat showed up in our life ... we could change it? You can.... Napoleon Hill has such a great way of helping us embrace and change our view of whatever is happening in our life at any given moment.

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Ezine 531 | 24 March 2017

Today peace of mind is harder to acquire and maintain than ever before in history. Multiple distractions engage our attention minute by minute and it is nearly impossible to turn off the media that works to capture our attention. No matter where you turn it seems that the question "Have you heard . . . ?" is on everyone's lips. The newest segment of news, the newest gossip, the newest recipe, the newest product, it doesn't matter -- all compete for our attention. Information overload is a true cause of stress and can lead to disease and worse. Dr. Hill proposes establishing a routine for creating peace of mind in order to create the calm that can lead to increased creativity. When a person spirals out of control the only way to achieve peace of mind is to return to the unchanging center that is the hub of each of us - our spiritual self.

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Accurate Thinking

Recently, I have really been thinking and reflecting on why there is so much confusion in the world and why creations find it more challenging now to live right and imbibe virtues that make for better life and worthy of emulation. There is so much uncertainty and distrust in the world.

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