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Ezine 560 | 13 October 2017

I remember the first time that I met Jamil Albuquerque, which was about seven years ago in Indiana. We were sitting around a conference table when Jamil asked that each attendant introduce themselves and state what language they spoke proficiently. As each person went around the table introducing themselves, I realized quickly that most of the people here were bilingual. When it finally was my turn to introduce myself, I simply wrote a large dollar sign on the legal pad I was using to take notes to show everyone that I spoke the language of money. The response was very welcomed by the group as the dollar sign is known around the world.

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Ezine 559 | 6 October 2017

On one of my bookcases is a small plaque that reads, “Success is a journey, not a destination.” This quote is by Ben Sweetland, and is a constant reminder to me that I am a work in progress and the goal in front of me is always challenging me to make this world a better place in which to live. I originated a three hour credit course here at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise on the success principles. I taught this course as a night class because I was employed as a bank president during the day.

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Ezine 558 | 29 September 2017

Napoleon Hill stated that even though economic security was listed last, it was certainly not the least important of the twelve riches. Most of the time, economic security is not missing in someone’s life because of their lack of money. Most of the time, economic security is lost because of how the person chooses to use the money they have.

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Ezine 557 | 22 September 2017

On a recent trip into a financial institution, a young woman recognized that I worked for the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and asked me if we sold books. I told her yes, and then asked her if she liked to read. The young woman simply said no, that she did not have enough time. After this brief encounter I wondered how many hours per day she spent watching TV.

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Ezine 556 | 15 September 2017

“Pay it forward” has become a popular term that means responding to someone’s random act of kindness by doing a random act of kindness for someone else. An example of this is when one person does a good deed, and the deed continues to multiply to others. Napoleon Hill would most likely categorize this idea under his success principle of Going the Extra Mile.

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Ezine 555 | 8 September 2017

On September 19, 2017 Penguin will release a fantastic book by Napoleon Hill called How to Own Your Own Mind. This new book is available as a pre-order on Amazon. Napoleon Hill followers realize that he placed a large emphasis on Definiteness of Purpose and declared it to be the starting point of all achievement. However, if simply having a definite purpose was the only requirement to be successful, we could desire anything in life and it would appear. But it takes many more success principles to accomplish our burning desire.

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Ezine 554 | 1 September 2017

Probably most of us have had an occasion when someone is attempting to teach others yet lack the knowledge and skills to be qualified to do so. For example, we should only seek medical advice, financial advice, or other skills we want to learn from those that have demonstrated they are capable of teaching what we want to learn.

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Ezine 553 | 25 August 2017

For thousands of years, storytelling has been a way to pass history on to the next generation. Even today, many great speakers choose to tell a story in order to get their message across. Using a story to convey a particular message is an excellent tool for doing so. Great stories are easy to remember, and though little details of the story may be forgotten over time, the message of the story has a tendency to remain.

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Ezine 552 | 18 August 2017

Becoming a millionaire is not too difficult and can simply be done by having a purpose, a plan, and persistence. If you have a purpose of why you want to reach a certain goal, then you most likely will have a passion for that goal as well. The first use of money is to provide food, clothing, and shelter for you and your family. However, President Dwight Eisenhower said that if all you want is food, clothing, and shelter, you can find all three of those items in prison.

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