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Failure is a blessing when it pushes us out of a cushioned seat of self-satisfaction and forces us to do something useful.

If you carefully study your own life and those of achievers whom you admire, it is an absolute certainty you will discover that your greatest opportunities often occurred during times of adversity. It is only when faced with the possibility of failure that we are willing to deal with radical […]

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Honesty and hard work are commendable traits of character, but they will never make a success of the person who does not guide them toward a definite major purpose.

Character is an important element of success and a critical attribute of leadership, but character alone cannot ensure success unless it is channeled in a positive direction. When good, decent people — persons of character — connect with a major purpose for their lives toward which they willingly and enthusiastically […]

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The subconscious mind is more susceptible to influence by impulses of thought mixed with “feeling” or emotion, than by those originating solely in the reasoning portion of the mind.

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There is something about truth that makes it easily recognizable by all who are searching for it with open minds.

Cookie mogul Wally Amos is fond of quoting the saying, “The mind is like a parachute. It functions best when opened.” When you open your mind to the possibilities, objectively analyze information, and refuse to allow your personal preferences and biases to influence your judgment, you will be able to […]

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A quick decision usually denotes an alert mind.

Successful people are decisive. They don’t agonize over decisions and thereby miss out on a great opportunity. They gather the relevant information, discuss alternatives with advisers whose opinions they respect, and then make a decision and get on with it. Indecision creates the worst kind of paralysis and, left unattended, […]

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