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There is something about truth that makes it easily recognizable by all who are searching for it with open minds.

Cookie mogul Wally Amos is fond of quoting the saying, “The mind is like a parachute. It functions best when opened.” When you open your mind to the possibilities, objectively analyze information, and refuse to allow your personal preferences and biases to influence your judgment, you will be able to […]

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Beware of him who tries to poison your mind against another under the pretense of helping you. The chances are a thousand to one he is trying to help himself.

South African poet and painter Breyten Breytenback tells of a black man named Freedom who was the property of a one-legged slave owner in the days before the abolition of slavery. Whenever the owner bought a new pair of shoes, he gave the left one, which he couldn’t use, to […]

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