Learn Napoleon Hill’s 17 Principles of Success
for the First Time in History in Art & Word

J B HillWhen I first saw Michael’s work, I was struck with the idea of bringing the principles of success to my children long before the “age of reason” by using the powerful images in Michael’s art to form those structures. So, I started presenting the images to my children and asking them to explain what they mean. The explanations are ever changing but do seem to have the right direction. When this experiment is long forgotten, I hope someday to ask my children where they learned the principles of success and have them respond that they just “always knew them.”
~JB Hill, Grandson of Napoleon Hill

This book enables you to:

  • Introduce yourself in an easy format to the 17 Success Principles researched by Dr. Hill.
  • Prepare your subconscious mind for the details of each principle via autosuggestion.
  • Focus on the traits of each success principle in full color and enriched detail thereby training yourself.
  • Energize yourself through engaging in the study of both the art and word strategically included in this book.
  • Concentrate on achieving your dream of personalized success by thinking about your actions relevant to each principle in minute detail.
  • Act on your vision.

Priced less than the latest hardback best-sellers, Envisioning Success is a handsome coffee-table book with dozens of full-color illustrations. For only $24.95 you can develop a deeper, intuitive understanding of the 17 Principles of Success.
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Judy WilliamsonEnvisioning Success is an interactive teaching tool for the in-depth study of Dr. Hill’s Philosophy of Success. Today, more and more students prefer a variety of learning modalities. This book presents the 17 success principles in a unique fashion for accelerated learning coupled with personal application. By focusing on a single principle in each chapter, the reader is able to understand the abstract theory and immediately view a concrete example of the concept by studying the accompanying artwork. In reading and interacting with this book, you are like a mind mechanic who is filling his toolkit with the best equipment for success.
~Judy Williamson


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This artistic application of the 17 Success Principles is designed to assist you in conducting a self-assessment of your personal application of these key principles to your daily life.

This application will:

  • Give you a fast review of the 17 Artworks that represent the 17 principles.
  • Help you to implant the 17 principles into your sub-conscious mind, through color changing and music.
  • Give you five questions that will promote your consideration and review of how you can use Dr. Hill’s principles in your life immediately.
  • Empower the new concept of learning by reading Envisioning Success.

Shane Morand
I encourage you to pick up this book, apply its teachings and get ready for the success you envision for yourself. This handbook not only makes it easy, fun, and practical, it more importantly puts you on the road to the destination of your choice.Use this book to get you on the success beam that Napoleon Hill talks about. Once there, the only direction is UP!
Your Friend in Organo Gold,
~Shane Morand, GMD
Terry Gocke HillIn the rapidly evolving field of visual art, Michael Telapary has combined modern photographic technology and the written word to capture the essence of Napoleon Hill’s teachings. While words stimulate the mind, visual art stimulates the emotions. The juxtaposition of words with imagery is a powerful form of communication. This book speaks on both an intellectual and visceral level, and in so doing, promotes a deeper understanding of the principles of success. As my grandfather said, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Michael’s pictorial inventiveness reinforces the belief in one’s ability, thus leading to self-empowerment. This profound interpretation of the 17 principles of success will surely inspire anyone with a dream into action.
~ Terry Gocke Hill, Granddaughter of Napoleon Hill