Do you live by principles of success? Take this survey and find out how success-conscious you are.

There are 75 questions in this quiz. It will take you about 10 minutes to complete. When you are done, you’ll be e-mailed your score.

Keep in mind that your first answer (your “gut reaction”) is almost always the most honest. Try not to second-guess yourself.

Napoleon Hill Foundation Success Survey


Do you allow your affections to sway your judgment?

Are you liked by those with whom you work?

Can you control your enthusiasm by applying it in carrying out your plans?

Are you entirely free from all of these seven basic fears: Fear of POVERTY; Fear of CRITICISM; Fear of ILL HEALTH; Fear of LOSS OF LOVE; Fear of LOSS OF LIBERTY; Fear of OLD AGE; Fear of DEATH?

Can you control your mental attitude at will?

Do you know how to acquire facts in connection with any subject in which you are interested?

Do you believe there are advantages in friendly cooperation with those with whom you work?

Can you explain hypochondria?

Do you believe there are times when an employee is entitled to ask for more pay?

Do you know of anyone who has achieved success in any calling without doing more than they were paid to do?

Do you believe anyone has a right to ask for an increase in salary if they are not doing more than they are paid for?

If you were an employer, would you be satisfied with the sort of service you are now rendering as an employee?

Have you determined what definite benefits your goal in life will bring you?

Do you know what is meant by a positive mental attitude?

Do you have confidence in the American form of government?

Have you set a date for reaching that goal?

Do you plan your own work each day?

Have you ever invented anything?

Do you get sufficient sleep each night?

Are there certain advantages when an employer and an employee work together in harmony?

Do you make a habit of rendering more service than you are paid to do?

Do you know the essential factors of sound health?

Are there times when you seem to bore others?

Do you make it your duty to learn what others know in connection with your occupation which may be of value to you?

Have you had undesirable habits which you have eliminated?

Does your enthusiasm sometimes become the master of your judgment?

Do you make your own decisions?

Do you have a method of developing the habit of a positive mental attitude?

Do you know how to detect a negative mental attitude in others?

Do you ever create better plans for doing your work more efficiently?

Do you have confidence in your ability to do anything you desire?

Do you hold your tongue when angry?

Do you believe you can readily succeed in your occupation if you are opposed by your spouse or other members of your family?

Do you have habits which you feel you cannot control?

Do you know how defeat can be converted into an asset that may lead to success?

Do you know the four important factors necessary for the proper balancing of sound health?

Have you decided upon a definite goal in life?

Do you have a specific plan for achieving your goal in life?

Do you express "opinions" on subjects with which you are not familiar?

Do you spend all your spare time having fun?

Do you have to have your work planned for you?

When your plans fail, do you "give up"?

Can you interest people when speaking in public?

Do you get along harmoniously with others under all circumstances?

Do you become interested in other people and their plans as quickly as you do in connection with yourself and your own ideas?

Is your imagination keen and alert?

Do you believe that a person can succeed in life without the aid of others?

Do you prefer to call on others for their opinions before you act?

Do you believe that temporary defeat can become failure?

Does defeat cause you to stop trying?

Are you known as a person of enthusiasm?

Do you concentrate all your thoughts on whatever you are doing?

Do you lose your patience easily?

Do you have habits which offend others?

If you fail in a given effort, do you begin again with a new plan?

Are you easily influenced to change your plans or your decision?

Do you have certain outstanding qualities which are not possessed by others in your line of work?

Do you know what relation relaxation has to sound health?

Do you know the only thing over which you have the complete power of control over?

In a heated discussion, do you speak before you think?

Do you grant favors as freely as you ask for them?

Are other people helping you to attain your goal in life?

Are you even-tempered at all times?

In the past few months, have you developed any new, desirable habits?

Have you learned any lessons from defeat?

Are you inclined to abandon your aims and plans when you meet opposition?

Do you know what sound health begins with?

Do you believe that a person who creates ideas quickly is worth more than a person who follows only the ideas and plans created by others?

Do you know how the Mastermind Alliance principle makes the United States the richest country in the world?

Are you aware of the damage you can cause yourself and your fellow employees by not cooperating with co-workers?

Do you have continual disagreements with others on certain subjects?

Do you create practical ideas readily in connection with your work?

Do you have faith in Infinite Intelligence?

Do you spend money without considering what would happen if your income were cut off?

Do you save a definite amount of your income?

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