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  • 17 principles of success 24x36 poster
    Full-color 24-inch by 36-inch poster explaining all 17 principles of Napoleon Hill’s Science of Success. Each principle includes the name, a short definition in Napoleon Hill’s words, and a brief summary or insight. The poster also features a brief biography of Dr. Hill and a portrait in the lower right corner. Price includes free economy shipping in the US. Buy now from
  • This perpetual calendar is designed to provide daily doses of Dr. Napoleon Hill's famous success philosophy throughout the year, day-by-day. Each month is chronologically representative of the timeline of Dr. Hill's life and the daily quotations are taken in sequence from his works beginning with Law of Success. This serves to enlighten students and general readers with everyday advice from Dr. Hill, and it also spontaneously ignites a desire to read each of the 12 books showcased. Sold year-round, lessons presented in this calendar can begin at any time. Designed to be used again and again, this calendar is friendly to the environment and a good educational tool based upon repetition and practice. More importantly, it can inspire and motivate people for years to come! Featuring only selections from Dr. Napoleon Hill, this product can also be used as daily affirmations for the application of Dr. Hill's effective teachings. As a bonus, a different photograph of Dr. Hill is added month-by-month in order to show his progression in wisdom and age throughout his long and accomplished life. May you enjoy and apply the teaching and inspiration found within for years to come for the betterment of your life and the lives of others as well. Be Your Very Best Always, Judith Williamson