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  • "Direct Your Success" with the SUCCESS MOVIE app. The first Official Napoleon Hill Foundation app which allows you to build a movie by creating clips using inspirational and empowering photos, messages and music, to help you to conceive, believe and achieve your SUCCESS using the universal principles founded by Dr Napoleon Hill. Can you... DIRECT YOUR SUCCESS? This is the first Official Napoleon Hill Foundation app, SUCCESS MOVIE, which aims to help you to attract success in all areas of your life. The app is built on the powerful universal principle... "What the mind of a man can conceive and believe, he can achieve", founded by Dr Napoleon Hill, author of the World bestseller <em>Think &amp; Grow Rich</em>.
  • Este es un libro pequeño con un mensaje poderoso . . .EL PODER DE ELEGIR. Muchas personas no llegan a tener éxito durante los mejores tiempos porque han fracasado en utilizar ESTE POSER EXTRAORDINARIO, EL PODER DE ELEJIR. Otras personas aplicarán ESTE PODER EXTRAODINARIO, EL PODER DE ELEJIR, y serán exitosas aun en los tiempos malos porque ellos no dejan que la adversidad los detenga. Ellos continuarán hasta alcanzar el éxito. Don M. Green Director Ejectivo The Napoleon Hill Foundation
  • The term “school of hard knocks” is a term used by many that simply means they received an education by overcoming obstacles that got in their way to success. The valuable lessons were not obtained in a classroom, but in everyday life experiences. This book will help you overcome the hard knocks in life which we all experience at some point in time.
  • Paloma es la verdadera historia de una joven notable y una relación íntima entre madre e hija. Se explora la poderosa conexión espiritual que compartimos como seres humanos y eso enriquece nuestras vidas cada día. "Creer es la verdad en una esperanza que nosotros tenemos en la creación de la vida." -Paloma Gramaticalmente incorrecta y, al parecer ilógico, las palabras escritas por una sensibilidad profunda y una niña iluminada de ocho años, en una serie de notas y poemas a su madre, ofrece realmente una respuesta profunda a una de las preguntas más intrigantes de la vida: ¿Son nuestras vidas una serie de acontecimientos fortuitas, son coincidencias y accidentes, o es que todo sucede por una razón y con un propósito definido?
  • El primer mandamiento para el éxito según W. Clement Stone es – ¡Hacerlo Ya! Al poner en práctica este punto de vista que sugiere el mandamiento, los que lo aplicamos confirmamos que podemos tener más logros, vivimos con menos estrés y remordimientos, nos volvemos más disciplinados, y demostramos mayor persistencia personal. Todas estas cualidades contribuyen a hacer de nuestro único mundo en que habitamos un mejor lugar simplemente ¡haciendo las cosas al momento! Leyendo un capítulo por semana y traduciendo en acción cada mensaje aprendido, en muy poco tiempo su vida dará un giro dentro de su comunidad local, al transformarse en una persona que toma las riendas y emprende acciones hacia adelante. Si lee un poco más, su fama se extenderá a nivel nacional como una persona con la que se puede contar para todo trabajo. Y, finalmente, si opta por realizar un esfuerzo adicional (la milla extra), entonces su fama llegará hasta un plano internacional y se le reconocerá como una persona emprendedora y creativa. Al trabajar mediante un proceso así, pronto se convierte en el guionista de la historia de su propia vida y en el creador de su propio progreso y éxito. ¡Hágalo ya! o de lo contrario se privará de todas las bondades que la vida le ofrece. ¡Sea siempre el mejor! Judith Williamson Directora del Napoleon Hill World Learning Center U.S.A.
  • J. Martin Kohe shows you how to use Your Greatest Power. This is a small audiobook with a powerful message…the power to choose.Many people can't be successful in the best of times because they have failed to make use of this greatest power…the power to choose. Other people will apply this greatest power…the power to choose…and be successful even in bad times because they refuse to let adversity stop them…they will persist until they succeed.
  • This collection of over 700 proverbs written by Napoleon Hill is both sound and practical because these mind conditioners have worked successfully for those who have used them. This collection was prepared especially for students of Dr. Hill's Science of Success Philosophy with the explicit hope that each person who reads it may be enriched in body, mind, and spirit.
  • Earl Nightingale said that he came to his "aha" moment at the age of twenty-nine while reading Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich - specifically the words "we become what we think about". Shortly thereafter he recorded The Strangest Secret which went on to earn a gold record and became the largest selling non-entertainment recording in record industry history. Think and Grow Rich is the standard against which all motivational books are measured. The book (and audiobook) has helped millions of people create their own success and realize their dreams. This audio condensation brings those two worlds together again - an audio lecture by famed broadcaster Earl Nightingale that clearly and quickly reviews Napoleon Hill's classic success principles.If you've never read or listened to Think and Grow Rich before, this audio condensation may serve as your own personal "aha" moment. And if you have read or listened before, then this forty-two minute motivational gem maybe the best refresher course ever to set you back on the road to riches. For the Two-CD package - Plus a bonus disc of Napoleon Hill's lecture on The Three Major Causes of Failure!
  • As you follow the simple day-by-day program designed by Drs. Arnold and Barry Fox, you will learn to tap into the secrets of miracle making that are in your control. You will: Discover the miraculous power of prayer. Overcome life’s obstacles by changing your self-talk. Make sound health a daily miracle as you deal with stress, depression, heart disease, and cancer. Learn to dispel the gloom and doom of depression for a positive mental attitude. Put your faith to work for you so that you can create a life filled with miracles beginning today. Incorporate this process fully into your own life so that you can begin to touch the lives of those you love.
  • Napoleon Hill’s online “Thought for the Day” has inspired countless readers to begin each day with a positive message. Now, these unique motivational messages are combined into one volume for easy referral and access. Employers, students, parents, educators, professionals and friends can share an applicable thought with those in need of positive guidance and support. As you read each page, consider the fact that you are constructing a network of good thoughts between yourself and others. As these thoughts build on each other, they guide you toward success. Day by day you will find that acquiring and maintaining a positive mental attitude becomes a habit. A little does go a long way when you begin the daily exercise of reading and applying Dr. Hill’s Thought for the Day every day.
  • DO IT NOW! W. Clement Stone’s first commandment of success is Do It Now! Considering his viewpoint and popular command, those of us who follow his advice accomplish more, have less stress, live with fewer regrets, become more self-disciplined, and demonstrate personal persistence. All of these qualities contribute to making our unique world a better place in which to live simply by doing it now. By reading a chapter a week and following through with action appropriate to the message, you will become known in a very short period of time in your local community for being a person who grabs the reins and advances forward. If you do a little extra, you will be known nationally as a person who can be counted on to get the job done. And finally, if you go the extra mile by doing just a little beyond what you did previously, you will be known in the international circuit as a person who is a doer and creator. By working through this process you become the scriptwriter for your life’s story and the creator of your own advancement and success. Do It Now! You will sacrifice all the goodness life has to offer if you fail to do so. Be Your Very Best Always. Judith Williamson Director, Napoleon Hill World Learning Center
  • A blend of archival essays and contemporary reflections, Napoleon Hill: Yesterday and Today for Tomorrow delivers Dr. Hill's philosophy of success in 52 brief chapters. Each chapter focuses on one of the 17 Principles of Success formulated in Hill’s seminal works Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich. Judith Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center, has chosen articles and excerpts from the many books, magazines, and training materials Hill produced, then written an accompanying introductory essay relating the ideas to today's world. Originally appearing in the Napoleon Hill Foundation's weekly "Napoleon Hill Yesterday and Today" e-zine, these chapters have been collected, edited, and published for the first time. Students and enthusiasts of Napoleon Hill will enjoy reading the diverse essays from all periods of Dr. Hill's career and will appreciate Williamson's personal, down-to-earth examples of the success principles at work in her own life.
  • The human mind today is undergoing the most exciting and intensive probing in the history of mankind. In this unusual and provocative book, W. Clement Stone, a hard-headed businessman, and Norma Lee Browning, a top reporter, combine forces to explore The Other Side of the Mind – the fascinating, often controversial world of mind phenomena. “Enough is known today about the capabilities of the brain to provide science with its greatest challenge,” writes Norma Lee Browning. “It is now evident that we are only scratching the surface of human potentialities. When the curtain of mystery is lifted from the last unexplored corner of the mind, there will be no limits to what the future may hold for shaping the destiny of mankind.” Here also is a bold challenge to each reader – a challenge to keep an open mind as you read about: -The strange psychic life of the Australian Aborigines. -The mystery of the fire-walkers of the Fiji Islands. -The yogis of India, who may hold the key which scientists everywhere are looking for to unlock the hidden reservoirs of human efficiency and energy. -The startling and significant research into mental telepathy that is being done by Soviet scientists of the highest caliber. -Extra-sensory perception and what the future holds for para-psychology. -The researches into hypnosis, cybernetics and ESB – electrical stimulation of the brain. -Lourdes, for whose cures medical science has no explanation. -The sensitives of mediums who claim to have special psychic powers and the honest appearing charlatans who prey upon the gullible. -How you can relate the facts in this book to your own life to develop and maintain your physical, mental, and moral well-being.
  • Napoleon Hill was and is an American treasure. He was a confidant of presidents and statesmen. The prominent men of several generations freely revealed their secrets of success to him. But he never forgot his humble origins. He considered it his sacred obligation to share with the world the knowledge about personal achievement that he had accumulated during his rich and varied life. I shall be eternally grateful that I was privileged to know well this great man, and I hope that through the pages of this biography, you too can come to know the man who helped millions of ordinary people discover the greatness within themselves. —Michael J. Ritt, Jr.
  • Wake Up! You're Alive is a medical doctor's prescription for healthier living through positive thinking. In the foreword, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale says,Wake Up! You're Alive is one of the most absorbing books I have had the pleasure of reading. It is written in a fascinating, lively, narrative style that at once picks up the interest of the reader and carries one along page after page. But the book has a message also, a clear and defined statement that one can live a healthier, happier life by conditioning the thoughts that pass throught the mind. Dr. Fox is joined in authorship by his son, Barry Fox, and they make an amazing father and son team.