Empowered Millionaire is the first time ever combined edition of two corresponding works–Your Greatest Power and How to Become a Mental Millionaire by J. Martin Kohe and Judith Williamson. By placing these motivational works in the same volume readers can enjoy the big message that Kohe delivers in less than thirty minutes, and then immediately begin to apply the dynamic lesson in daily life by practicing the examples set in How to Become a Mental Millionaire. This double edition offers a real one–two punch for getting to the heart of the matter. The main thought to bear in mind as you work through this material is that first you gain the knowledge, and secondly you are taught how to apply it. This book is so easy to follow and put into practice that you will immediately feel more powerful and in control just by reading it! It is a terrific little book that is dynamic and forceful and promises to render you a real service for the investment of your time in reading it. As W. Clement Stone advises, “Do it now,” and don’t wait another minute in getting started on the road to your personalized success. Judith Williamson Director, Napoleon Hill World Learning Center

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