This cookbook is meant to be fun and innovative as well as educational. It is a crossover book that serves two purposes: 1) to give the reader immediate access to the wholesome wisdom of Napoleon Hill and his Philosophy of Success, and 2) to share testimonials and favorite recipes of individuals who have used Dr. Hill’s system to enhance all aspects of their lives. The men and women who appear in this Cookbook for Life have experienced many or all of the 17 Success Principles, and have benefited from them. These are ordinary people who, because of their firm belief, persistence, and creativity have done great things with their lives. They are not the type to sit back and whittle away their time watching the world go by without their input. They are doers and creators of their universe. Their testimonials and recipes ring true because they are written in their own words and directly from their own hearts. The old adage reminds us that “the proof is in the pudding.” Our recipe contributors are certainly a “proven” commodity that you can personally use as a touchstone, guiding light, or signpost to your success.

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