A blend of archival essays and contemporary reflections, Napoleon Hill: Yesterday and Today for Tomorrow delivers Dr. Hill's philosophy of success in 52 brief chapters. Each chapter focuses on one of the 17 Principles of Success formulated in Hill’s seminal works Law of Success and Think and Grow Rich. Judith Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center, has chosen articles and excerpts from the many books, magazines, and training materials Hill produced, then written an accompanying introductory essay relating the ideas to today's world. Originally appearing in the Napoleon Hill Foundation's weekly "Napoleon Hill Yesterday and Today" e-zine, these chapters have been collected, edited, and published for the first time. Students and enthusiasts of Napoleon Hill will enjoy reading the diverse essays from all periods of Dr. Hill's career and will appreciate Williamson's personal, down-to-earth examples of the success principles at work in her own life.

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