Everybody has something to sell. For some it’s goods or services, for others it’s an idea or a dream. Some sell their personalities, and for others it’s simply a point of view they want to get across. How well you succeed depends greatly upon your personal powers of persuasion.

Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion was created to clearly show how Hill’s seventeen principles of success have a direct bearing on the power to persuade and the art of selling. Drawing upon a wide range of Hill’s published and unpublished materials, this book presents a very specialized and focused treatment of the concepts that Hill wrote about in his bestselling books.

The first sections of the book include an extensive overview by one of the greatest master salesmen of all, W. Clement Stone, as well as a recap of the concepts behind each of Napoleon Hill’s seventeen principles as they pertain to sales and persuasion.

Once the stage has been set, the middle section of the book concentrates on methods to master your mind and harness its power to increase your enthusiasm, your sales skills, and your ability to put forth a persuasive presentation.

The next section presents the story of Del Smith, an individual chosen by The Napoleon Hill Foundation as an extraordinary example of a person who successfully used the seventeen principles to achieve success and enjoy the riches of life.

And the final section features a collection of over 700 affirmations, epigrams, and mind-conditioning words of wisdom written or collected by Napoleon Hill. Read them. Make them your own. Use them to ignite your enthusiasm and to rekindle the flame of desire for success in your life.

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