W. Clement Stone was one of the most successful entrepreneurs in America. And like so many people who achieve great success, he did it the hard way. Born into poverty, at the age of six Stone started selling newspapers to help his mother pay the rent. It was the rough-and-tumble of street-corner competition on Chicago’s tough South Side that taught him the first secrets of selling, and it was those secrets that finally got him off the street corner and made him successful enough to have his own stand by the time he was thirteen.

At about the time Stone was entering high school, his mother was pawning everything of value the family owned, in order to get enough money to start an insurance business to support her family. Stone worked for his mother during the summers and by the age of twenty, with his life savings of $100, he started his own accident-insurance agency.

Using the secrets he’d learned as a newsboy, Stone got his business off the ground. Then he learned other secrets that helped him expand his business. He learned even more secrets when he acquired other insurance agencies. And he kept on learning more and better secrets, until he had built his hundred-dollar company into the multibillion-dollar Aon Corporation.

In The Success System That Never Fails, Stone took all of the secrets and lessons he had learned throughout his amazing career, broke them down, analyzed them, and from the results developed his theory that success can be reduced to a formula—a formula that you can learn and apply too.

Wealth, health, prestige, happiness, love—all of these riches and more can be yours by learning and applying W. Clement Stone’s revolutionary system that, when properly learned and faithfully applied, will never fail to bring you success.

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