Napoleon Hill's classic Think and Grow Rich has sold more than 60 million copies worldwide. It revolutionized the whole concept of self-help writing and to this day remains the standard against which all other motivational literature is measured. This classic of classics on the subject of personal achievement has helped literally millions of people to lead richer, fuller lives. It is said that Napoleon Hill has made more millionaires and inspired more successes than any other person in history.


The hallmark of the original edition of Think and Grow Rich was that in every chapter Napoleon Hill cited real-life examples based on his firsthand knowledge of 500 of America's most successful self-made businessmen. Think and Grow Rich: The 21st-Century Edition features the complete text of the original edition, including every one of Hill's stories, and carefully integrates into each chapter contemporary examples and commentary.

For example, in the original Hill tells how Asa Candler took a country doctor's recipe and turned it into the Coca-Cola phenomenon. This new edition not only tells the Candler story but it also adds the stories of Debbie Fields and Mrs. Fields Cookies, Howard Schultz and Starbucks, and it tells how Paul Newman launched the product brand Newman's Own. These modern parallels clearly demonstrate that Hill's principles are as up-to-date as today and are still guiding those who succeed.


The 21st-Century Edition also correlates the latest management theories with Hill's Principles of Success, and cross-references his success-consciousness techniques with today's motivational bestsellers. It clearly demonstrates that Napoleon Hill's classic anticipated concepts as contemporary as Emotional Intelligence and Creative Visualization, and that the methods taught by superstars such as Tony Robbins and Stephen Covey are perfectly aligned with Hill's philosophy of personal achievement.

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