[Kindle Ebook, Unabridged]

Napoleon Hill’s Daily Inspiration for all Seasons is comprised of a selected daily quotation by the great author of Think and Grow Rich. Readers can use these quotations drawn from both the writings of Dr. Hill and matched with those of other writers to inspire them through each season of success. These inspirational quotes may be likened to a treasure map that keeps the reader headed in the right direction as they journey onward. Sometimes that little extra push gives a person the necessary drive to go the distance. These quotations are like fuel for the trip. Read the daily quotations, reflect on the message, and take appropriate action. Remember, you must continue through each season, until you arrive at your destination. Enjoy the success that you are striving for in all seasons of your life. Remember too, that life’s riches are not only financial, but mental, spiritual, emotional, social, and physical. Keep that in mind as you travel through each season of growth. Consider the multiple riches that every season has to offer. In discussing life’s riches, Dr. Hill states: "We can become complete masters of ourselves, if we so desire. The main thought to bear in mind is first to gain the knowledge, and secondly to apply it."

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