Thoughts are things. However, only thoughts that are manifested in your world through regular application will provide you with the results you are pursuing. In order to bring about what you desire in life, you must DO something with the information.

This artistic application of the 17 Success Principles is designed to assist you in conducting a self-assessment of your personal application of these key principles to your daily life. Each artwork is accompanied by five questions that will promote your consideration and review of how you can use Dr. Hill's principles in your life immediately.

When you hit the START button, your review will begin. As you progress through the images, you can linger on a certain question, jot down your responses in your success journal, and decide how you are applying the responses in your life. If you simply read and comprehend, you are neglecting the most important part of the tutorial -- application. Until you apply what you know in daily living, you will not reap the results that are promised to you.

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