Positive Mental Attitude: A System of Success

This online distance learning course presents and examines the principles of success researched and developed by Dr. Napoleon Hill and others. It provides a framework for students to better understand life's opportunities and the need for definiteness of purpose.

The class is based on and structured around Hill's 17 Principles of Success. Each lesson focuses on one principle and contains online reading assignments, points to ponder, chapter quizzes, Napoleon Hill vintage audio and just released video, articles from the Think and Grow Rich and PMA Adviser newsletters, class discussion questions, journal writing assignments and, other activities that help reinforce the principle being studied. Each student in the class has a personalized relationship with a fully accredited and approved instructor for Napoleon Hill Distance Learning Courses. The class concludes with an assignment dealing with an individualized plan for personal success.

Upcoming schedule:

Fall 2015: coming September 2015, start date to be determined.
Spring 2016: coming January 2016, start date to be determined.

No registrations for the current semester are accepted after the first week of class.

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