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Ezine 699 |05 June 2020

One evening before a meeting, I went to a local restaurant and was waited on by a very nice waitress named Brooke. I told her that she would go places because of her outstanding personality. I also told her that at the office of the Napoleon Hill Foundation at the University of Virginia-Wise, a part-time employee, also named Brooke, had a good personality, and I bet they both were going places...

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Ezine 698 |29 May 2020

Most successful people have an overwhelming desire to give back to help others. Don’t be afraid to seek help from others, especially in areas where you lack expertise and you know others who have the particular knowledge that you lack. We cannot compel others to always go the extra mile, but there is no reason that each of us cannot apply the going the...

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Ezine 697 |22 May 2020

We each need to do something each day that moves us worthily in the direction of our definite plan of action. More than just dreaming is necessary if we are to succeed in the objects and ambitions of our life. We achieve our best results in every department of life only when we thoughtfully plan and earnestly work in the proper directions...

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Ezine 696 |15 May 2020

In one successful Mastermind that I was involved with in changing our local college name from Clinch Valley College to the University of Virginia’s College at Wise, I saw how many of the principles of success interlocked with this principle. First, we who wanted a name change had a burning desire to achieve this goal...

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Ezine 695 |08 May 2020

To begin your journey, you must begin with the right ideas that can grow the desire until it becomes a burning desire. There are both great destinies and obstacles in your future, but you were born with the powers and capabilities that will let you improve your situation and be a success. You have the gifts that will let you make the right choices and take action...

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Ezine 694 |1 May 2020

Humans have a creative mind and are capable of creating results that have not existed before. However, a thought must exist before the mind can work. Remember, in all instances, a thought exists before a thing. It is worth repeating many times that ideas within the mind are limited only by those limits placed on the mind by the individual...

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Ezine 693 |24 April 2020

A book can awaken the genius that lies within and allows someone to do wonderful things, even though at the beginning of that person’s life, it appeared that he was not destined to do great deeds. Books can not only awaken you to a knowledge of your possibilities but create what Dr. Napoleon Hill and other writers have called a burning desire to accomplish the type of great deeds that most people will only dream about. Books can arouse you and others to express the best that is within them rather than being content with lesser accomplishments...

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Ezine 692 |17 April 2020

People who are successful used what they knew when they started plus the knowledge that they acquired on their voyage. Inspiration kept them going even when obstacles got in their way. In Victor Frankl’s milestone book, Man’s Search for Meaning, about his confinement in the Nazi death camp at Auschwitz, Frankl said that he discovered that man would find a how once he had a why...

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Ezine 691 |10 April 2020

OVERCOMING ADVERSITY IS akin to reaching a goal. To get past adversity or reach a goal, you need not know all the answers before you start your mission. But you do need to have a clear view of what your goal is or a clear view of the problem you are facing. At this juncture, the most important thing is to be on the right course...

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