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A peacemaker always fares better than an agitator.

In today’s “everything is negotiable” society, we are bombarded with messages telling us that we get what we demand, not what we deserve. You may temporarily achieve success by demanding more than your due from others, but it will not long endure. “Squeaky wheels” may initially receive the most attention, […]

2020-11-23T23:01:26-05:00 November 25th, 2020|Thought for the Day|

Most failures could have been converted into successes if someone had held on another minute or made more effort.

When you have the potential for success within you, adversity and temporary defeat only help you prepare to reach great heights of success. Without adversity, you would never develop the qualities of reliability, loyalty, humility, and perseverance that are so essential to enduring success. Many people have escaped the jaws […]

2020-11-23T23:00:59-05:00 November 24th, 2020|Thought for the Day|

Procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday.

For an achiever, perhaps the most dangerous, most destructive habit of all is procrastination, for it robs you of your initiative. When you put things off once, it’s easier to put them off again, until the habit is so firmly ingrained that it cannot be easily broken. Sadly, the effects […]

2020-11-16T23:17:59-05:00 November 21st, 2020|Thought for the Day|