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Ezine 714 | 18 September 2020

Belief is a state of mind that is essential for maximum results. You may say that belief is faith that you will reach a positive outcome that can be used to achieve success. Belief is faith that should be active or applied in your everyday plans...

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Ezine 713 | 11 September 2020

You cannot expect to be an expert on all topics. Recall the story of Andrew Carnegie, the founder of what became U.S. Steel. Carnegie needed accountants, lawyers, chemists, marketing people, and experts in other areas in which he lacked knowledge. While Carnegie did not know all the answers in steelmaking, he knew enough to select people who could help him become extremely wealthy...

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Ezine 712 | 04 September 2020

Almost any book on self-help will give you another unique view, and if you remember learning your ABCs and multiplication tables, you no doubt did so by repetition. It is not likely that you can improve your station in life just by being exposed to self-help or inspirational literature, without continuous study of successful individuals...

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Ezine 711 | 28 August 2020

THE KEY TO achieving what we want out of life lies in establishing our goals and then continuing to feed our minds with thoughts and ideas that are consistent with our goals and taking action. The one thing you can be assured of if you follow these steps you will realize the system has worked for others and it will work for you...

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Ezine 709 |14 August 2020

Our health is greatly influenced by eating right, exercise, proper sleep, and the like, but it is also affected by our mind, whether positively or negatively. Worrying is a form of negative imagination and can have a tremendous impact on our health. On the other hand, learning to create positive images can help eliminate stress and also change negative habits into positive habits...

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Ezine 708 |7 August 2020

A creative vision can help you overcome challenges and begin to adopt new ideas to climb the ladder of success. Alexander Graham Bell reminded us that “When one door closes another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.”

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Ezine 707 |31 July 2020

Giving up because of one, two, or even more failures is a very serious mistake. In war, the best generals are those who suffer defeat, but then reorganize and are ultimately victorious. Life is like a war in that there are many battles to be fought, but the true winner, even while still suffering from recent failures, lays plans and applies the necessary efforts to obtain the desired victory....

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Ezine 706 |24 July 2020

Napoleon Hill told the famous story of R. U. Darby, who quit when he was three feet from gold. Darby got frustrated and sold his equipment to a junk man. The junkman had no expertise in detecting gold so he added to his team the most valuable help of an engineer with this expertise. With the help of this expert team, the new owner found gold three feet from where Darby had quit...

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