Ezine 751 | June 4, 2021

“To obtain wealth, you must have the desire for wealth.” Some people ask how you can develop this to the level of a burning desire if you don’t have it. Some people have more of a burning desire because they come from a disadvantaged background, but it’s not necessarily so. Take Bill Gates: he was raised in an upper-middle-class fam­ily, but he developed his principles out of a desire to accomplish something worthwhile. It’s not all about the money, although the bigger the project is, the more likely it is that you’ll make money.

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Ezine 750 | May 28, 2021

In some ways, Think and Grow Rich is really a story about persistence. In chapter one, Hill tells the story of Edwin Barnes. He was a tramp, but he had a desire: to partner with the great inventor Thomas Edison. Hill told the story of Barnes and the way he went about realizing his desire. Hill said that if he could convey that mes­sage to the reader, the reader would not need to read the rest of the book...

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Ezine 749 | May 21, 2021

I have daily habits to keep me in the frame of mind I desire. I get up early every morning and always have breakfast. I have oatmeal almost every day to keep my mind fresh. I write things down on index cards, which I keep with me...

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