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Diane A Lampe

President/COO The Lampe Company, LLC
Dallas TX US Cell Phone: 972-670-7691 Work Phone: 214-446-7920 Website: http://www.LampeCompany.com Website: http://www.DianeLampe.com
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Diane Lampe is President and COO of The Lampe Company, LLC., a multi-million dollar financial services business she owns and operates. Diane has used Napoleon Hill’s master work, Law of Success, in her business for the past 15 years and attributes much of her success to understanding and teaching the Napoleon Hill 17 principles of success, through masterminds to helping others become a better version of themselves.  She is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and inspires others to dream big, serve big and win big!

She is a best-selling author and co-author of The Amazing Adventures of Oliver Hill, published through the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and has achieved international recognition with the Napoleon Hill Foundation Leader Certification program.



What if every time adversity and defeat showed up in our life … we could change it? You can…. Napoleon Hill has such a great way of helping us embrace and change our view of whatever is happening in our life at any given moment.

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