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Eliezer Alperstein

Certified Public Accountant Eliezer Alperstein, CPA
Modi\’in Israel Work Phone: 011-972-8-8531087
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In 1990 I left the United States and emigrated to Israel arriving six months before the First Gulf War began and the Scud missile attacks! In Israel there is never a dull moment.

Soon after my arrival, I established my own accounting firm specializing in the preparation of US individual and non-profit tax returns.  Since there are many expatriate Americans living in Israel,  my practice has been a busy one.

During a visit to the United States about ten years ago, I was walking through a bookstore in Philadelphia and was browsing through the business section, hoping to find a book which would be useful in developing my accounting practice.  I came across the title, Law of Success, and thought to myself that such a book would be worth reading.  That is how I first learned of Napoleon Hill and the Napoleon Hill Foundation.  A year later I flew from Israel to Indiana to participate in the Leadership Certification Program.

Since that time, I have been involved in writing various  articles for the Foundation’s weekly ezine and continuing my study of Dr. Hill’s writings and those of others who Dr. Hill influenced such as the books written by Norman Vincent Peale.







Dr. Hill’s famous quote, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve” is often misunderstood. On the surface, what he wrote is nothing extraordinary and is simple common sense. If you can conceive of an idea, and believe that you can make it happen, then you will be able to take the steps necessary to carry out your plan to actualize the goal/idea you have….

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