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I have been studying the works of Napoleon Hill for over 25 years and I have applied Hills principles to my life during that time and have managed to advance myself in career, family, and spiritual and Physical health.

I have applied these principle to my life to do the things that others said I could not do. I have faced a life threatening situation which change my way of life. I applied to my life the principles of Napoleon Hill and many others that made a difference in my life.

I managed to come back to life from deaths grip, I lost everything that I knew before this situation. I began to spiral down, but never out. I managed to pull my life up out of the spiral and begin at once to apply Definiteness of Purpose to my life.

I was no longer the same physically, but I never let that stop me. I could no longer work or provide for my family and somehow I managed to grow stronger and stronger even with my limited abilities.

I was told I would never walk again, I would not allow someone else to define me of what I can and cannot do. I am walking again thanks to the information I hold dear to my life.

I became involved with Toast Masters (a Communication and Leadership program) and went through the whole program and became a Distinguished Toast Master (the highest honor you can receive from Toast Masters). I served the district for two years and was awarded Division Governor of the Year.

I applied myself to the rules in Napoleon Hills book Think & Grow Rich. Why? Because it is a proven success that works.


Let me share with you some of Napoleon Hills Principles and see if you can recognize them as you read this short story about the greatest woman in my life. What if one day your whole world changed? If everything you were able to do was no longer possible?

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