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Mani Maran

Senior Database Consultant Comcast CorporationDatabase Management Team
Home Phone: 609-799-7840
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Mani Maran’s real-life story starts from a humble beginning. He was born in a small village at the interior part of South India. Through his hard work and efforts, he came to the US in 1994 to work as a software consultant. Maran was a shy guy and did not know much about anything except databases, syntax and semantics. Though he was successful at his corporate work, when he ventured into business world, he was not so successful at it.

He owned and operated restaurants, apartment complexes, real estate investments and a web development business. He was forced out of all these businesses during the economic recession in 2009, and reached the lowest point of his financial life. But these failures taught him great lessons.

He searched for answers as to how to develop success. He reached out to business coaches and studied self-revealing books including the Napoleon Hill Leadership courses. These efforts helped him realize that success comes from within you.

Maran wants to spread his hard-won wisdom and offer a message of hope by teaching people to think big, develop additional sources of income and reach financial freedom.

Maran lives in New Jersey with his wife of 20+ years, and their two talented boys. He loves playing tennis and likes the challenge of training for the marathon.


Maintenance of Sound health

Our mind and body are one and the same and cannot be separated. Dr. Napoleon Hill calls it as human mind-body. Health of our mind affects that of our body and vice versa. Human beings are the only thinking creatures on this earth. In order to achieve anything, you need to conceive the idea and believe you can achieve the idea.

The purpose of eating food is to supply your body with what it needs to maintain itself. You should eat a well balanced diet consisting of: 1) large portions of fresh fruits and vegetables 2) good serving of protein of all kinds 3) modest amount of carbohydrate and 4) simple dairy products. Never eat while you are worried, frightened or angry. Your body won’t be in a position to make use of the food in that mindset. You could make eating as a habitual response to stress that can lead to overweight.

Your body needs time to rebuild and revitalize itself for the next day. You need six to eight hours of sleep. Do not work until you go to sleep. Instead, wind down at the end of the day by doing something you enjoy that doesn’t over-stimulate you. Developing a habit that signals your body when it is time to sleep is a valuable aid.

Relaxing and playing are important to your mind. Exercise can be a tremendous mental and physical stimulant, and helps you stay clear off sluggishness. It also teaches you persistence and concentration. You need to engage in aerobic exercise for a period of twenty minutes, at least three times a week to keep your heart and lungs strong. The rate at which you exercise must be determined by your age and physical condition.

A negative mind results in physical illness, and most physical ailments begin with wrong thinking. To maintain a positive mental attitude and develop a healthy mind and body, you must conquer fear and anxiety. Anything that affects your physical health also affects your mental health. Keep your mind positive by listening to motivational programs first thing in the morning. Write your goals and the things that you want in life on an index card and read the card many times during the day. Positive affirmations will help as well. Believe in yourself and believe in your ability to achieve your goals and aims. Exercise your mind and body to maintain your sound physical health.

To conclude, your mind and body are one and at one with nature. A positive mental attitude is the most important quality for sound mental and physical health.

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