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Michael Cooper

Founder, Human Performance Mentors Human Performance Mentors, LLC
Parkland FL United States Cell Phone: 5614659714 Website: Are You Winning The Mind Game?
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Michael Cooper is a speaker, trainer, life coach, and the founder of Human Performance Mentors and The Missing Playbook. His mental strength training strategies, methodologies and philosophies are drawn directly from his own life experiences. He has dedicated his life to training and preparing the world’s most elite athletes, top athletic organizations, leaders and influencers. His passion: Breeding Champions. Through the Mind.


Michael was born and raised in Miami, Florida. At four years old, he started BMX racing. He traveled with his family throughout the US to compete and was ranked fourth overall nationally. At the age of five, he began playing football and baseball, continuing with these three sports through the first decade of his life.

Michael’s youth athletic journey was successful, receiving “Best Offensive Back” and “Most Valuable Player” awards and participating in numerous championships. He was thriving not only in individual and team sports as a team captain, but also in the classroom.

In 1984, things took a different turn. Michael’s parents divorced. For the next nine years, he became very temperamental. His mother went one way, his father another, creating a wound that many can relate to. Michael’s off-the-field challenges gave him a new reason for playing sports: to let loose his aggression and disappointment on his opponents. But this mindset caused a rapid decline in academic performance, his relationships and overall attitude and well-being. He lacked the intellectual maturity or emotional intelligence to maintain his level of motivation.

He was lost.


In 1992, Michael set his sights on the military with ambitions of becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL. However, color blindness prevented him from entering the SEAL program. He chose to keep a positive attitude, honorably finishing the remainder of his service contract going to work on the USS NIMITZ aircraft carrier during Operation Desert Storm. This was the first time he learned how powerful the right attitude and mindset could be.

With this knowledge in hand, he returned to Miami after an honorable discharge where he went on a mission to learn everything he could about mental fortitude, conditioning, attitude and behavior. He immersed himself in personal development and behavior change research; it was something he was passionate about. However, a series of jobs and a marriage that ended in divorce put further strain on Michael. It was after these trying moments that he decided to compile all of his knowledge and life experiences into what would become The Missing Playbook training program.


Having discovered his true calling, Michael is a certified LifeSuccess Consultant. He has spent more than 20 years studying the teachings of Napoleon Hill, long considered a founding father of new thought movement and the power of personal beliefs in obtaining success. Michael’s studies even brought him to Italy, where he worked with the Napoleon Hill Foundation Leaders, and became a Certified Leader for The Napoleon Hill Foundation. He has also had the great fortune of not only training with world-renowned international speaker and mentor Bob Proctor, but also personally mentoring, guiding and training some of the world’s finest amateur, junior, professional and corporate athletes and executives. From Super Bowl champs and tennis stars to boardroom billionaires, many have put their faith in Michael Cooper, The Missing Playbook and Human Performance Mentors.

The Missing Playbook is modeled precisely on the same system Michael has used to mentor students from ESPNHS, ESPN Wide World of Sports/Disney, the University of Florida, Purdue University, the Miami Marlins, Rick Macci Tennis Academy, the PGA Tour, the U.S. Army All American Bowl/FBU, ProPops Foundation, XPE Sports, the Institute of Human Performance, World Class Speed, Power Showcase, McDonalds, Keller Williams, Northwestern Mutual, and more.

The program has modeled top performers into people who have created lasting, passionate relationships and extraordinary success in virtually every realm.

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