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Richard Joseph Cavaness

Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Certified Master Coach Practitioner Cavaness Enterprises, LLC and Monthly Wisdom ProgramPersonal Development, Sales, Motivation, and Bible Based Curriculum
Dallas TX united StatesPlano TX United States Cell Phone: 214-924-5693 Website: Rich Cavaness Website Website: The Monthly Wisdom Program Website: The Gratitude Effect Book Landing Page
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Rich Cavaness is best known as a popular author, trainer, and coach in the field of the science of success and personal development. He is a Certified Master Coach and his areas of expertise are teaching the 17 Principles of Success by Napoleon Hill, personal development and training, helping individuals with divorce and marriage issues, and his passion is the Monthly Wisdom Program, which is a monthly group coaching experience partnering with Derrick Sweet, Founder of the Certified Coaches Federation.
Rich has authored five books, two seminar manuals, and produced the 16 sessions seminar “Living a No Limits Life.” And the 12 session seminar for people struggling with divorce and marriage issues “E5 Marriage Experience” His books are as follows:
“Life After 9/11: ‘Five Spiritual Lessons”
“Decoding the Secret: The Law of Attraction from a Biblical Perspective” and Study Guide
“Gratitude: The Power of Thanksgiving in Our Lives”
“The Gratitude Effect: Shift your mindset, Optimize outcomes, Boost emotional well being”
“The Road: Experience Empowered Living”
“All Power 60 Day Personal Development and Coaching Manual”
“The E5 Marriage Experience Seminar Workbook”

With his unique blend of business and motivational savvy, coupled with his spiritual depth, Rich empowers people to take personal responsibility for their lives, to achieve more and to be a person who lives life with purpose and passion. His philosophy is, “Why live a good or mediocre life, when you have the power to live a great and no limits life!”
Rich has the unique and powerful ability to take any topic and make it easy for people to understand and apply to their lives. He teaches people today how to master the important areas of their lives: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and relationaly.


Have fulfilled all the requirements for the Leader Certification program accreditation, all info sent to Uriel Martinez on April 10, 2018.


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