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Founder / CEO Think and Grow Rich Academy
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Sid Shah is a Certified Business Coach & Life Coach, Founder & CEO of Think & Grow Rich Academy. He is also a Rank Holder Chartered Accountant and a Gold Medalist in MBA from NMIMS, successful entrepreneur for last 18 years. Sid is a best-selling author of the book ‘THINK BELIEVE ACT-CHIEVE’ and International Success Coach. Sid Shah is a visiting faculty at the ISME, IDSI, WPP, & many more Business Schools. He is recently nominated on the advisory board of the Asian Institute of Family Managed Business. Having the Exclusive License from the Napoleon Hill Foundation, the Academy has coached more than 5000 entrepreneurs and has produced profound results in their effectiveness and performance. Sid Shah is passionate to spread this world class & pioneering philosophy of success and personal achievement. To know more about several success stories of his clients, kindly visit the website Sid Shah lives in Mumbai with his wife Hetal and two sons, Agasthya & Hriditya.


Going the Extra Mile – The Classic Success Principle

In this article, I am attempting to co-relate the Classic Success Principle of Going the extra mile with three strong paradigms or contexts i) Age old wisdom from India ii) Nature’s depiction of power of Going the extra mile & iii) Dr. Napoleon Hill’s Life and Success Story.

Definition: Render more and better service that that for which you are paid, and sooner or later you will receive compound interest upon compound interest on your investment.

It is a state of mind that you must develop, so that it is a part of everything you do. There is a subtle but powerful, mental attitude connected with it.

Going the Extra Mile – As Explained in the Bhagvad Geeta

Bhagvad Geeta is considered one of the most holy books not only in India, but also the entire world. The Bhagavad-Gita is the eternal message of spiritual wisdom from ancient India. The word Gita means ‘Song’ and the word Bhagavad means ‘God’, often the Bhagavad-Gita is called the ‘Song of God’. It is very interesting to know how the Principle of Going the Extra Mile is depicted in this Book.In this book, Lord Krishna told Arjuna to “Do your duty without thinking about the outcome“…

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