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Tricia Blair

CSO – Master Global Scout Tao TribesSales & Marketing
Las Vegas NV United States Cell Phone: 808.634.1811 Live Messenger: Tricia Blair-Johnstone Skype: Trishy2735 Website: Tao Tribes
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Tricia Blair possesses the spirit of an entrepreneurial adventurer! Over the past 6 years, she has lived in three remote villages in the Alaskan bush, Kauai and spent a year in the remote jungles and beaches of Costa Rica – coming full circle to return to the United States where over the past year she successfully launched three new retail locations in Montana and Alaska for one of the nations most beloved retail brands.

Over the past 25 years, Tricia has blazed a successful path in diverse positions of sales management, building successful sales teams, and mentoring other upcoming sales professionals. Some of the areas she has experience in include; casino gaming and management, construction information sales, commercial real estate and business sales, direct sales, small business consulting, business to business and business to consumer sales.

Her ability to attain success at whatever diverse projects interest her confounds most people. However, those who know her well understand that her passion, commitment and sales skills, along with her never ending willingness to “Go the Extra Mile” guarantee a stellar performance as well as benefiting those with whom she associates.

Tricia’s current project’s mission – ( draws heavily on her past experience and strong desire to benefit the small, independent business owner. TaoTribes goal is to empower and assist small, independent business owners increase sales and traffic in a way that benefits their business as well as elevating their shopper’s experience.  Opportunity extits for passionate individuals wanting to create their own wealth through our Tao Tribes Scout program.

Interested in becoming part of this market disrupting movement?  Reach out to her directly for more information.


According to Andrew Carnegie, there are two types of people in the world who will never amount to anything. The first is the one who will give only what is asked for or demanded to get a job done. The second is the person who cannot even do what is required to get the job done. In my opinion, there is a third type of person who will have great difficulty achieving anything of lasting importance to themselves, or anyone else – that is the person who does not use good judgment or common sense when practicing personal initiative….

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