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Uriel Martinez

Distance Learning Instructor The Napoleon Hill Foundation
Hammond IN United States Work Phone: 219-989-3166
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Uriel Martinez is the Executive Assistant to the Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Purdue Northwest University.  Since 2000, Chino has been studying the Philosophy of Dr. Hill and assisting in the class lectures, seminars, international events, and specifically in the development of the labyrinth presentations.  Degreed in Graphic Design, Chino was asked to create a labyrinth by the Director for a week-long seminar in 2006 at Langkawi, Malaysia.  This was presented on the beach front and utilized daily during the Instructor Certification program.  Since then, numerous labyrinths have been created for local, national, and international events.  With each presentation, Chino renews spirits, sets specific intentions, and creates an atmosphere of wholeness that envelops the participants and benefits them.  The most recent labyrinth exercise was held at the Leader Certification Course at Moonstone Manor, PA in 2016.  Uriel has authored a book on the labyrinth:  Lessons of the Labyrinth. Since 2016, Chino has also been the primary instructor for the Napoleon Hill Foundation’s online Distance Learning Class.



There is a saying you probably heard before that goes like this: “You get what you pay for.” That is true in most cases when it comes to services and goods. This is something that thanks to our economy we have rightfully come to expect. But what can you expect to get from something that costs only fifty cents? Here is one instance where that saying is not true, but in a very good way. It’s not hard to find a bargain as long as you are looking for it. I found a great one at a local thrift store when I purchased a CD called The Best of Classics for Meditation. Total running time fifty four minutes and ten seconds. To me it’s not worth fifty cents….

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