Why Get Certified?

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Why Become a Napoleon Hill Foundation Certified Instructor?

If you appreciate Dr. Hill’s philosophy and are ready to take the next step toward success, you should aim to become a Certified Instructor with the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center. If you commit to this goal, you will develop the knowledge and expertise needed not only to become more successful personally, but also to help others achieve their highest potential.

The Best Way to Become an Expert

The path to certification is designed to make you an expert in the Philosophy of Success. You’ll follow the proven three-step method of “Learn One, Do One, Teach One” to assimilate the philosophy deep into your subconscious.

  • Learn One by studying Napoleon Hill’s writings and lectures. You’ll understand the 17 Principles of Success that can lead you to riches in life.
  • Do One by developing a Personal Action Plan that applies the principles you learned, then using your Plan every day.
  • Teach One by attending the week-long certification class and learning how to teach the philosophy to others.

So I’m an Expert. Now What?

As a Certified Instructor you’ll enjoy many benefits, some of which are mentioned in the video on this page.

  • Determine what you really want to do with your life, and create a plan to achieve your goals
  • Understand the seven major fears that have been holding you back
  • Improve your personality and relationships with others
  • Use the power of friendly alliances to accelerate your progress — and meet like-minded people who could join your alliance
  • Develop the patience to persevere and turn temporary defeats into springboards for success
  • Learn strategies for getting ahead without keeping anyone else down
  • Enjoy the riches of life in abundance, whether financial, intellectual, emotional, physical, or spiritual
  • Make the world better by teaching the philosophy to others

What Can I Teach, and Who Are My Students?

A graduate of the certification course earns the credentials to teach the Philosophy of Success to small groups in all walks of life. Some instructors teach in formal educational settings, while others lead workshops in businesses, professional organizations, churches, charities, and even prisons. The Foundation will attest to your status if you need to prove your credentials. We encourage instructors to spend at least some of their time working with young persons and with at-risk populations, where the principles of success can really change lives for the better.

I’m Convinced! How Do I Become Certified?

There are three steps to becoming a Certified Instructor:

  1. Complete the home-study course, “Your Right to Be Rich,” to build a firm foundation with the basics of Dr. Hill’s philosophy. Click here to purchase the home study course
  2. Complete the online course “PMA: A System of Self-Management” to understand the 17 Principles of Success inside and out. Click here to register for the next available session
  3. Attend the annual instructor certification class to learn how to teach the philosophy to students. In conjunction with the certification class, you will complete a service project for the Foundation to apply your knowledge in a tangible form while helping others. Click here to learn about upcoming certification events

If you are interested in pursuing certification this year, please let us know using the orange box above. This way we can plan for the right number of students and also keep you informed about the status of the trip.