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  • In 1954, Napoleon Hill and W. Clement Stone, produced a historic television broadcast. Now, for the first time, the archived films are presented to you in their original and complete format. In addition, we ve included a 28-page booklet and previously unreleased lecture presentations on the Cosmic Habit Force and having a Positive Mental Attitude. Using Napoleon Hill's Master Key, you will learn to take control of your mind and live a life that is truly yours. You will unlock your life's purpose, and start living a life of success, wealth, and happiness. Special Features on the DVD:
    • 13 Original and Complete Episodes
    • Subtitles¬†in English, French, and Spanish
    • 25-minute previously unreleased, lecture presentation Cosmic Habit Force
    • 31-minute previously unreleased lecture presentation Positive Mental Attitude
    • 28-page booklet with photographs and summary of Hill s 17 principles
    • All Regions
    • Remastered Video and Audio
  • "Direct Your Success" with the SUCCESS MOVIE app. The first Official Napoleon Hill Foundation app which allows you to build a movie by creating clips using inspirational and empowering photos, messages and music, to help you to conceive, believe and achieve your SUCCESS using the universal principles founded by Dr Napoleon Hill. Can you... DIRECT YOUR SUCCESS? This is the first Official Napoleon Hill Foundation app, SUCCESS MOVIE, which aims to help you to attract success in all areas of your life. The app is built on the powerful universal principle... "What the mind of a man can conceive and believe, he can achieve", founded by Dr Napoleon Hill, author of the World bestseller <em>Think &amp; Grow Rich</em>.