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Mary Kay Ash and
Think and Grow Rich

Mary Kay Ash at the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal Award ceremony in 1983 said, “I would not be here this evening if it were not for Napoleon Hill. When I was at the bottom of the barrel, someone came to my rescue and gave me his book, Think and Grow Rich. I first read the book like a novel, then went back and read each chapter every day for a week, putting into practice what I had read. By the end of the book, my life had turned around. We tell our beauty consultants that any woman can do anything in this world she wants to—if she wants it badly enough. We tell them that by repeating the Mary Kay Motivator: I can, I will, I must, that they will prove to themselves that they can, they will, they do!”

“Any business whose management has the foresight to adopt a policy which consolidates management, employees and the public it serves in a spirit of team work, provides itself with an insurance policy against failure.” ~Napoleon Hill

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Success Habits
by Napoleon Hill

Never-before-published wisdom from famed self-help author, Napoleon Hill


Napoleon Hill, the legendary author of the classic bestseller, Think and Grow Rich, has been immortalized for his contributions to the self-help genre. In this never-before-published work, Hill shares his principles of success, key habits that provide the basis for life-changing success. Success Habits explains the fundamental rules that lead to a prosperous life. From the importance of having Definiteness of Purpose to the inexorable influence of the Cosmic Habit Force, Hill’s principles offer a new way of thinking about intention, self-discipline, and the way we lead our lives.

Originally a series of radio talks delivered in Paris, Missouri, Success Habits is filled with personal anecdotes and stories and is written in an approachable, conversational style. Hill’s insights apply to every facet of life, inspiring readers to leverage his principles to achieve their own aspirations and create the successful lives they have always dreamed of.

Now available on Amazon.com



THE MOVIE: Watch the MOVIE TRAILER and see the massive amount of value in this film and the bonus features.  This for Napoleon Hill subscribers/customers!

THE BOOK: Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy is the essential modern companion to the bestselling self-help book of all time, Napoleon Hill’s 1937 classic, Think and Grow Rich.  This book, released in conjunction with the major motion picture, Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy.

Readers will be inspired through unflinching accounts of some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and cultural icons who rose above the unlikeliest and in some cases, most tragic of circumstances to find personal fulfillment and make their mark on the world.


“I am a graduate of my Grandfather’s philosophy. I studied Napoleon Hill for years, reading Think and Grow Rich now eight times. I even used his philosophy to change my life —twice! In spite of this, the course pulled the philosophy all together for me and gave me a deeper understanding!”

~ Dr. J.B. Hill
(Napoleon Hill’s Grandson)


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Vintage Essays By Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumnet

Dear Readers,

The motto of the Napoleon Hill Foundation is, “Making the world a better place in which to live.” If you believe that life has purpose or meaning, then you can leave a legacy that helps make the world a better place.

The decisions that you make—or do not make—will help determine the type of legacy you leave behind. Whether you are part of the solutions to the cries for help or part of the problems that confront the human race will be a result of your actions on a daily basis.

If you go to the Webster’s New World Dictionary and look for the word legacy, one of the meanings is: “anything which has come to one from an ancestor, predecessor, etc.”

“No person was every honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” —CALVIN COOLIDGE

Millions of people have read The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason since it was first written in 1926. The fable is interesting, and many people, like me, got the message and applied the suggestions to reach a life of financial security. Referred to as “Babylonian parables,” The Richest Man in Babylon is an inspiring group of stories that teach thrift, finance, how to acquire money, and how to save part of the money you earn and use those savings to earn even more money.

The basis of The Richest Man in Babylon is that a part of all you earn is yours to keep. Here is where most people fail when it comes to wealth accumulation. People who fail not only do not keep part of what they earn, but by taking on debt for personal use make it more difficult to increase their wealth.

While the story of The Richest Man in Babylon gives wonderful advice, it is only a parable, that is, a simple story that teaches a lesson.

In the article below you will read how W. Clement Stone was one person who was able to make the world a better place in which to live by his association with Napoleon Hill and the philosophy of success. The second article by Jim Stovall also shares the light of Think and Grow Rich. I hope that you too can leave the world a better place in which to live by sharing your own light.


I wish you the best,
Don Green
Executive Director
Napoleon Hill Foundation


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Sharing Success
by Napoleon Hill


For ten years Mr. Stone served as Napoleon Hill’s business manager, an association that was valued by both men and obvious to all who knew them. What Mr. Stone felt about their association reveals much about himself. He said:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill was given to me in 1937. Its philosophy coincided with my own in so many respects that I sent Think and Grow Rich to all my representatives. Then wonderful things began to happen. My salesman began to become super salesmen, they began to acquire wealth, they brought happiness into their homes, and they began to try to make their world a better place in which to live. This is understandable. For Think and Grow Rich has motivated more men and women to success than any book of its kind.

In 1952, I met Napoleon Hill for the first time. I encouraged him to come out of retirement for a period of five years. He agreed on one condition: that I become his general manager. I agreed. Although I was very busy building up my insurance enterprises, I realized that it is very seldom in the course of a lifetime that one man can affect the lives of the masses of the people of his generation and the multitudes of future generations for the better.

For it’s no longer true that if you build the best mousetrap, a path will be beaten to your door. Regardless of how good your service or product may be…it has to be sold. I am a salesman by vocation: therefore I felt that I could help spread the philosophy of American achievement as taught in Napoleon Hill’s writings and thus render a real service to mankind. Now it always happens that when you share with others a part of what you have, that which remains multiplies and grows.

In my effort to help others through my association with Napoleon Hill, I was blessed ten thousandfold…more than anyone might expect or deserve.

It took us ten years to do the job we set out to do. During this period, my whole life was changed: my organizations prospered beyond the imagination of those who have not learned the art of motivation and the power of a positive mental attitude. I entered the fields of lecturing, writing, and teaching from a great philosopher and teacher – Napoleon Hill. But more importantly, I applied his principles.

Mr. Stone applied the principles of success with a fervor unmatched by few, if any, other persons. He also taught the principles to millions through his best-selling books, Success through a Positive Mental Attitude, The Success System that Never Fails, and The Other Side of the Mind, through lectures to countless thousands, and through his tireless support of professional, civic, educational, philanthropic, and youth organizations.

He has been awarded nineteen honorary doctorates by leading colleges and universities and literally hundreds of organizations have bestowed special awards upon him. Mr. Stone has received humanitarian awards from Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish religious organizations alike, as well as from the American Red Cross. He has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, he was awarded the Navajo Nation’s Medal of Honor, he is a recipient of the Horatio Alger Award, and he is a member of the council of trustees of the James S. Brady Presidential Foundation.

Although the awards given to Mr. Stone and the organizations he has supported during a lifetime of helping others number in the hundreds, the achievements of which he is most proud are those resulting from his association with youth organizations and his work in America’s prison system. Through those affiliations he touched people who desperately needed positive encouragement, people whose lives were forever changed for the better because of his influence. He recalled:

I saw poor students motivated to become good scholars by applying the principles of success; I saw youngsters in trouble with the law become fine decent citizens, and I saw drug abusers turn their lives around.

As a lecturer in prisons, I saw men and women motivated to change the course of their lives for the better. Recidivism among those who have been motivated to read inspirational self-help action books has been reduced to sixteen percent, while the records for the general prison population indicate that for every hundred who are incarcerated and released, forty-nine will return.

In my work with mental health organizations such as the Menninger Foundation and the National Association for Mental Health, I have learned of human lives saved by eliminating suicides among those who have such tendencies, and these fine organizations have given hope to the hopeless in our inner cities; the underprivileged have been motivated to achieve success and to encourage law and order within their communities. But most of all, individuals have learned how to avoid mental illness and maintain good mental health, to seek divine guidance, and to do the right thing because it is right.

Now the greatest service that I can render you, the reader, or any individual is to motivate you to learn and apply the principles to be found in this book. Memorize the principles – apply them. For the author, Napoleon Hill has the power to motivate you to help yourself achieve any definite objectives you may have as long as these do not violate the laws of God and the rights of your fellowmen.

Source: Succeed and Grow Rich through Persuasion by Napoleon Hill

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Darkness and Light
by Jim Stovall


As a blind person, I have to constantly remind myself that the world is not simply divided into darkness and light. In reality, there are myriad degrees of darkness and intensities of light. I don’t know if the old phrase is literally true that it is always darkest before the dawn, but I do know that in human endeavor, social change, and global progress, it is always darkest before someone turns on the light. Those who simply curse the darkness have a powerful voice until one enlightened or determined individual turns on the light. Then the naysayers, complainers, and critics simply fade into obscurity.

I have heard it said and often repeated that there has never been a monument erected to a critic. The most widely-read book among achievers and successful people is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Hill turned on the light in the midst of a vast darkness. Many of us who have written and shared our ideas since the time of Napoleon Hill have mostly reflected his light to extinguish the darkness around us.

Among Hill’s many breakthrough concepts was the idea that in every adversity there is a seed of a greater good. If we extend this into our lives, every opportunity comes disguised as a problem or challenge. The whole world is hoping and praying for a great idea, and as mentioned previously, they trip over one about three times each week but fail to recognize it because it appears to be a problem. All you need do to have a great idea is to go through your daily routine, wait for something bad to happen, and ask the powerful question, “How could I have avoided that?” The answer to that question is a great idea. To extend the concept a bit further, all you need to do to have a great business is to ask one further question. “How can I help other people avoid that problem?”

The world will give you fame, fortune, and security if you will focus on them and help them solve their problems, but if you choose to stand in the darkness and curse the current conditions as opposed to simply turning on the light, you are destined to live an unremarkable and frustrating existence.

Whenever possible in pointing out a problem to a colleague, friend, or family member, bring a potential solution to the discussion of the problem. You can succeed in business and in life if you become known as a problem-solver. In any organization, the person who solves the problems rises to the top. People want to be around those individuals and follow them. On the other hand, the person who constantly curses the darkness by pointing out every problem without offering or even considering a solution becomes someone to avoid.

As you go through your day today, use the darkness as an opportunity to let your light shine.

Today’s the day!
Jim Stovall

Source: Wisdom for Winners, Volume II

Jim Stovall is the president of Narrative Television Network as well as a published author of many books including The Ultimate Gift. He is also a columnist and motivational speaker. He may be reached at 5840 South Memorial Drive, Suite 312, Tulsa, OK 74145-9082; by email at Jim@JimStovall.com; on Twitter at www.twitter.com/stovallauthor; or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jimstovallauthor.

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The PMA Bookshelf

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Think and Grow Rich


Master-Key to Riches

Napoleon Hill’s Success Masters

by Napoleon Hill

Your possibilities for success are endless.

Success is a shapeshifter. Its form changes with the wind, and it cannot be caught or tamed. Often, it feels utterly unattainable. But rather than putting “success” in a box, claiming there’s only one path to achieve it, Napoleon Hill has proven in his work that the one thing you really need to succeed is simple: You.

Napoleon Hill’s Success Masters is your blueprint to discover the winner inside you and earn the success you desire―with essays from motivational powerhouses including Napoleon Hill alums like Paul Harvey, W. Clement Stone, Henry van Dyke, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and Earl Nightingale. Dive in and learn how to:

· Master yourself with a positive mindset and a winner’s habits
· Create a problem-solving model that works for you in any situation
· Harness the sales pitch that will transform your business
· Turn your day-to-day obstacles into opportunities for growth
· Stay strong through every setback by focusing on moving forward
· Make stronger decisions with curiosity, creativity, and confidence
· Develop an action plan to improve your productivity
· Maximize every hour, even while waiting, driving, or sleeping

Plus, work between the lines, along the margins, and beyond the pages with personal development checklists, exclusive action items, and more from the experts at Entrepreneur.

Available on Amazon!

Success: Discovering the Path to Riches

by Napoleon Hill


A selection of Napoleon Hill’s life changing principles in a single volume.

The writings and wisdom of Napoleon Hill have transformed millions of lives, making him one of the most influential writers on personal success and an incomparable bestseller. His invaluable classic, Think and Grow Rich, has guided more people to becoming millionaires and billionaires than any other book in history. Compiled by The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Success: Discovering the Path to Riches presents a curated collection of some of Napoleon Hill’s most significant teachings in one complete volume. Drawing on published as well as previously unpublished works by Hill, the book consists of Hill’s teachings presented in an accessible bite-sized format. Success is ideal for both readers who are new to Hill’s work and looking for an essential primer and for devoted followers who want to revisit his most impactful works.

This handsome hardback edition features striking debossing on the cover and designed endpapers, making it the perfect gift for fathers, young professionals, graduates, and many more. Success: Discovering the Path to Riches is an essential volume for everyone looking to build a prosperous life, both personally and professionally.

Now available on Amazon.com

Truthful Living

by Napoleon Hill, annotated by
Jeffrey Gitomer

What readers are saying:

“Another Gem Amongst His Many Gems – Truthful Living is NOT just a book for people in sales; it is for people who are still breathing or in other words, EVERYONE!” ~ Gymbeaux

“A Masterclass in Napoleon Hill’s Foundational Wisdom and Real-World Application – There is a reason why I ordered copies for my entire team and all of my mastermind students. Don’t just buy the book, buy additional copies for those you care most about. They’ll thank you and you will have given them a gift that could change their life.” ~ Joe Soto

The foundation of Napoleon Hill’s self-help legacy: his long-lost original notes, letters, and lectures – now compiled, edited, and annotated for the modern reader, brought to you by New York Times bestselling author, Jeffrey Gitomer.

Thank you to everyone who has bought this book. Please leave a review here.

Available on Amazon!

The Little Book of Leadership

By: Jeffrey Gitomer


This comprehensive book will help you understand your situation, identify your opportunities, create your objectives, execute by action and delegation, and establish a leadership position through enthusiasm, brilliance, action, collaboration, resilience, and achievement.

The time for real-world leadership is NOW. This is a leadership book that transcends theory and philosophy, and gets right down to brass tacks and brass tactics, and adds a few brass balls.It’s full of practical, pragmatic, actionable ideas and strategies that when implemented assure respect and loyalty – and ensure long-term success and legacy.

The 12.5 Leadership Strengths revealed in this book will challenge you, admonish you, guide you, and create new success opportunities for you.

Buy The Little Book of Leadership TODAY!

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