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“Any business whose management has the foresight to adopt a policy which consolidates management, employees and the public it serves in a spirit of team work, provides itself with an insurance policy against failure.” ~Napoleon Hill

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Success Habits
by Napoleon Hill

Never-before-published wisdom from famed self-help author, Napoleon Hill


Napoleon Hill, the legendary author of the classic bestseller, Think and Grow Rich, has been immortalized for his contributions to the self-help genre. In this never-before-published work, Hill shares his principles of success, key habits that provide the basis for life-changing success. Success Habits explains the fundamental rules that lead to a prosperous life. From the importance of having Definiteness of Purpose to the inexorable influence of the Cosmic Habit Force, Hill’s principles offer a new way of thinking about intention, self-discipline, and the way we lead our lives.

Originally a series of radio talks delivered in Paris, Missouri, Success Habits is filled with personal anecdotes and stories and is written in an approachable, conversational style. Hill’s insights apply to every facet of life, inspiring readers to leverage his principles to achieve their own aspirations and create the successful lives they have always dreamed of.

Now available on Amazon.com



THE MOVIE: Watch the MOVIE TRAILER and see the massive amount of value in this film and the bonus features.  This for Napoleon Hill subscribers/customers!

THE BOOK: Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy is the essential modern companion to the bestselling self-help book of all time, Napoleon Hill’s 1937 classic, Think and Grow Rich.  This book, released in conjunction with the major motion picture, Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy.

Readers will be inspired through unflinching accounts of some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and cultural icons who rose above the unlikeliest and in some cases, most tragic of circumstances to find personal fulfillment and make their mark on the world.


“I am a graduate of my Grandfather’s philosophy. I studied Napoleon Hill for years, reading Think and Grow Rich now eight times. I even used his philosophy to change my life —twice! In spite of this, the course pulled the philosophy all together for me and gave me a deeper understanding!”

~ Dr. J.B. Hill
(Napoleon Hill’s Grandson)


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Vintage Essays By Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumnet

Dear Readers,

The greatest waste of all is the waste of our own potential mind power. The famous Harvard professor and psychologist William James estimated that the average person uses only 10 percent of his mental power. He has unlimited power—yet he uses only about one-tenth of it.

The power to be what you want to be, to get what you desire, and to accomplish whatever it is you are striving for abides within you. You are the one who is responsible for bringing it forth and putting it to work.

You can be whatever you make up your mind to be. Being happy, wealthy, or successful is a product of the mind and its unlimited possibilities.


Within you is this power that, when properly grasped and directed, can lift you out of the rut of mediocrity and place you among the few who make large accomplishments in life. You must learn to use this power and realize that the mind can achieve all things.

The mind is a powerful instrument and it is an even more powerful force with the right mental attitude. In this final excerpt from You Can Work Your Own Miracles, Napoleon Hill reminds us how important it is to have the right mental attitude in all circumstances.


I wish you the best,
Don Green
Executive Director
Napoleon Hill Foundation


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How Important Is Mental Attitude?
by Napoleon Hill


Let us analyze the part mental attitude plays in our lives and we shall learn how important it is.

Your mental attitude is the major factor which attracts people to you in a spirit of friendliness, or repels them according to whether your attitude is positive or negative; and you are the only person who can determine which it shall be.

Mental attitude is an important factor in the maintenance of sound physical health. All doctors know, and most of them will admit, that the patient’s mental attitude is more important in curing physical ailments than any other single factor.

Mental attitude is a determining factor—perhaps the most important factor—as to what results one gets from prayer. It has long been known that when one goes to prayer in a mental attitude swayed by fear, doubt, and anxiety, only negative results are experienced. Only the prayers which are backed by a mental attitude of profound FAITH can be expected to bring positive results.

Your mental attitude while driving an automobile on the public highway determines very largely whether you are a safe driver or a traffic hazard endangering your own life and the lives of others. Most automobile accidents are said to happen because of drunken driving, or anger, or some form of over anxiety or worry on the part of the drivers.

Your mental attitude determines, to a large extent, whether you find peace of mind or go through life in a state of frustration and misery.

Mental attitude is the warp and the woof of all salesman-ship, regardless of what one is selling—merchandise, personal services, or any commodity. A person with a negative mental attitude can sell nothing. He may take an order from someone who buys something from him, but no selling was done. The transaction was entirely one of buying. Perhaps you have seen this truth demonstrated in many retail stores where the minds of the salespeople clearly are not directed toward pleasing the customers.

Mental attitude controls, very largely, the space one occupies in life, the success one achieves the friends one makes, and the contributions one makes to posterity. It would be no great overstatement of the truth if we said that mental attitude is EVERYTHING.

Mental attitude is the means by which one may condition the mind to go through surgery or dentistry without fear of physical pain. The means by which this can be accomplished are clearly described in subsequent chapters.

There are some who believe that one’s mental attitude, while occupying the physical body during life, influences what happens to one after death. There is no positive proof of this theory except that it is obviously logical.

Lastly, the most convincing evidence of the importance of mental attitude is the fact that it is the one and only thing over which anyone has been given the complete, unchallengeable privilege of personal control. We cannot control the thoughts or the actions of other people. We cannot control either our coming into or going out of life, but we do have the inexorable privilege of controlling every thought we release from our minds, from the time we begin to think to the time that life is ended.

Here then is the most profound, the most significant of all facts which influence an individual’s life! It is logical that by giving every person the complete control over his thinking the Creator intended this to be a priceless asset, and it is precisely that, because the mind is the one and only means by which an individual may plan his own life and live it as he chooses.

Henley, the poet, must have understood this great truth when he wrote the lines: “I am the Master of my Fate, I am the Captain of my Soul.” Truly, we may become the captain of our worldly destiny precisely to the extent that we take possession of our minds and direct them to definite ends through control of our mental attitudes.

Mental Attitude Can Be Negative or Positive

Only a positive mental attitude pays off in the affairs of our everyday living, so let us see what it is, and how we may get it and apply it in the struggle for the things and circumstances we desire in life.

A positive mental attitude has many facets and innumerable combinations for its application in connection with every circumstance which affects our lives.

First of all, a positive mental attitude is the fixed purpose to make every experience, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, yield some form of benefit which will help us to balance our lives with all the things which lead to peace of mind.

It is the habit of searching for “the seed of an equivalent benefit” which comes with every failure, defeat, or adversity we experience, and causing that seed to germinate into something beneficial. Only a positive mental attitude can recognize and benefit by the lessons or the seed of an equivalent benefit which comes with all unpleasant things that one experiences.

A positive mental attitude is the habit of keeping the mind busily engaged in connection with the circumstances and things one desires in life, and off the things one does not desire. The majority of people go all the way through life with their mental attitudes dominated by fears and anxieties and worries over circumstances which somehow have a way of making their appearance sooner or later. And the strange part of this truth is that these people often blame other people for the misfortunes they have thus brought upon themselves by their negative mental attitudes.

The mind has a definite way of clothing one’s thoughts in appropriate physical equivalents. Think in terms of poverty and you will live in poverty. Think in terms of opulence and you will attract opulence. Through the eternal law of harmonious attraction one’s thoughts always clothe themselves in material things appropriate unto their nature.

A positive mental attitude is the habit of looking upon all unpleasant circumstances with which one meets as merely opportunities for one to test one’s capacity to rise above them by searching for that “seed of an equivalent benefit” and putting it to work.

A positive mental attitude is the habit of evaluating all problems, and distinguishing the difference between those one can master and those one cannot control. The person with a positive mental attitude endeavors to solve the problems he can control, and so relates himself to those he cannot control that they do not influence his mental attitude from positive to negative.

A positive mental attitude helps one to make allowances for the frailties and weaknesses of other people without becoming shocked by their negative-mindedness, or being influenced by their way of thinking.

A positive mental attitude is the habit of acting with definiteness of purpose, with full belief in both the soundness of that purpose and one’s ability to achieve it.

It is the habit of going beyond the letter of one’s responsibility and rendering more and better service than one is obligated to render, and doing it in a friendly, pleasing manner.

It is the habit of choosing a definite goal and marching forward toward its attainment without hesitating because of either commendation or condemnation.

It is the habit of looking for the good qualities in other people and expecting to find them, at the same time being prepared to recognize unfavorable qualities without being shocked into a negative state of mind.

It is the habit of mastering all the emotions by submitting them to examination by the head and the discipline of the power of will.

It is the habit of facing all the facts which affect one’s life, both the pleasant and the unpleasant, and keeping a cool head when unpleasant emergencies arise.

It is recognition of the universal power of Infinite Intelligence, and the knowledge that it can be appropriated and directed to the attainment of definite ends through the medium of FAITH.

A positive mental attitude is the chief medium by which Alcoholics Anonymous has helped countless numbers of men and women to cure themselves of alcoholism. And it is also the basis of cure of the habit of excessive smoking.

It is the medium of all forms of “mind-conditioning” for whatsoever purposes, including the elimination of all types of fear.

All habits, good or bad, voluntary or involuntary, are established by one’s mental attitude. It is the medium by which one may transmute unpleasant habits and circumstances into some form of benefit.

A positive mental attitude is the sole medium by which one may exercise the inherent right to maintain complete control over his own mind, without help or hindrance from anyone. And it is the means by which stumbling blocks may be transmuted into stepping stones of progress in every calling.

Mental attitude reveals itself from one person to another, without spoken words, signs or actions, by the medium of telepathy. Therefore, it is contagious.

A person’s mental attitude while eating aids digestion or retards it, and a negative mental attitude can paralyze the digestive forces altogether.

A mental attitude of a public speaker often determines how his speech is interpreted, even more effectively than the words he uses. Again, the mental attitude of a writer while he is writing is conveyed to the reader, behind the lines of his writing.

By the proper condition and control of the mental attitude, one may condition his mind to meet any sort of unpleasant circumstance without becoming upset by it, including even the emergency of death of loved ones.

Mental attitude is a two-way gate across the pathway of life which can be swung one way into success and the other way into failure. The tragedy is that most people swing the gate in the wrong direction.

The patient’s mental attitude is the doctor’s best aid or his greatest hindrance in the treatment of physical ailments, depending upon whether the attitude is positive or negative.

From these statements of known facts one can easily understand why mental attitude is everything, because it influences every experience with which we meet, and it is under our complete control at all times.

What a profound thought it is to recognize that the one thing which can give us success or bring us failure, bless us with peace of mind, or curse us with misery all the days of our lives, is simply the privilege of taking possession of our own minds and guiding them to whatever ends we choose, through our mental attitude.

Source: You Can Work Your Own Miracles by Napoleon Hill

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The Myth of Control
by Jim Stovall


All of us want to control our environment, our circumstances, our lifestyle, and our future.

Control is an illusion. Ask the people in New Orleans who went through Hurricane Katrina.

You can plan, prepare, insure, and insulate, but when it’s all said and done, there are times that, in spite of all of our best efforts, bad things happen to good people.

Mark Twain said, “Climate is what we all want. Weather is what we all live with.” I am an eternal optimist. I believe in, and expect, the very best in every situation; however, I understand that there are only three things I can control in life that affect everything I will ever do, know, have, and experience. All we can control are our choices, our attitude, and our effort.

1. Choices. We are all the beneficiary or the victim of the choices we have made in the past. Everything we have in our personal and professional lives, at this point, is a result of our prior choices. Only when we accept this responsibility can we live today and every day in the certain knowledge that our future will be what we want it to be based on the choices we make today. We don’t always choose what happens to us in life, but we can always choose what we’re going to do about it. For every person devastated by Katrina, I can show you someone who is overcoming and actually moving ahead in the aftermath of the disaster.

2. Attitude. Nothing can impact how we live and succeed more than our attitude. Abraham Lincoln said, “People are about as happy as they decide to be.” One of the exercises from my book The Ultimate Gift that I encourage people to pursue is called The Golden List. The Golden List is simply the practice of regularly listing things for which you are thankful. A few moments a day engaging in creating a Golden List will ensure you have a great attitude. Having a great attitude will ensure you have a great day and a great life.

3. Effort. In all of the success manuals, speeches, how-to books, and success courses, the most overlooked element in the arena of achievement, happiness, and fulfillment is a simple little four-letter word. “Work” is the key to all of your goals and dreams. If I knew of a shortcut, I would have already taken it, and I would be pleased to tell you about it. It doesn’t exist. I have had the privilege of working with some of the greatest people of the 20th and 21st centuries on stage, on television, in movies, and in the context of my books. When you get past all of the money, power, prestige, and fame, you are left with one overwhelming impression— all successful people have put forth an amazing effort.

As you go through your day today, cease worrying and concern about things you cannot control, and focus on the things you can.

Today’s the day!
Jim Stovall

Source: Wisdom for Winners, Volume II

Jim Stovall is the president of Narrative Television Network as well as a published author of many books including The Ultimate Gift. He is also a columnist and motivational speaker. He may be reached at 5840 South Memorial Drive, Suite 312, Tulsa, OK 74145-9082; by email at Jim@JimStovall.com; on Twitter at www.twitter.com/stovallauthor; or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jimstovallauthor.

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The PMA Bookshelf

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Think and Grow Rich


Master-Key to Riches

Napoleon Hill’s Success Masters

by Napoleon Hill

Your possibilities for success are endless.

Success is a shapeshifter. Its form changes with the wind, and it cannot be caught or tamed. Often, it feels utterly unattainable. But rather than putting “success” in a box, claiming there’s only one path to achieve it, Napoleon Hill has proven in his work that the one thing you really need to succeed is simple: You.

Napoleon Hill’s Success Masters is your blueprint to discover the winner inside you and earn the success you desire―with essays from motivational powerhouses including Napoleon Hill alums like Paul Harvey, W. Clement Stone, Henry van Dyke, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, and Earl Nightingale. Dive in and learn how to:

· Master yourself with a positive mindset and a winner’s habits
· Create a problem-solving model that works for you in any situation
· Harness the sales pitch that will transform your business
· Turn your day-to-day obstacles into opportunities for growth
· Stay strong through every setback by focusing on moving forward
· Make stronger decisions with curiosity, creativity, and confidence
· Develop an action plan to improve your productivity
· Maximize every hour, even while waiting, driving, or sleeping

Plus, work between the lines, along the margins, and beyond the pages with personal development checklists, exclusive action items, and more from the experts at Entrepreneur.

Available on Amazon!

Success: Discovering the Path to Riches

by Napoleon Hill


A selection of Napoleon Hill’s life changing principles in a single volume.

The writings and wisdom of Napoleon Hill have transformed millions of lives, making him one of the most influential writers on personal success and an incomparable bestseller. His invaluable classic, Think and Grow Rich, has guided more people to becoming millionaires and billionaires than any other book in history. Compiled by The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Success: Discovering the Path to Riches presents a curated collection of some of Napoleon Hill’s most significant teachings in one complete volume. Drawing on published as well as previously unpublished works by Hill, the book consists of Hill’s teachings presented in an accessible bite-sized format. Success is ideal for both readers who are new to Hill’s work and looking for an essential primer and for devoted followers who want to revisit his most impactful works.

This handsome hardback edition features striking debossing on the cover and designed endpapers, making it the perfect gift for fathers, young professionals, graduates, and many more. Success: Discovering the Path to Riches is an essential volume for everyone looking to build a prosperous life, both personally and professionally.

Now available on Amazon.com

Truthful Living

by Napoleon Hill, annotated by
Jeffrey Gitomer

What readers are saying:

“Another Gem Amongst His Many Gems – Truthful Living is NOT just a book for people in sales; it is for people who are still breathing or in other words, EVERYONE!” ~ Gymbeaux

“A Masterclass in Napoleon Hill’s Foundational Wisdom and Real-World Application – There is a reason why I ordered copies for my entire team and all of my mastermind students. Don’t just buy the book, buy additional copies for those you care most about. They’ll thank you and you will have given them a gift that could change their life.” ~ Joe Soto

The foundation of Napoleon Hill’s self-help legacy: his long-lost original notes, letters, and lectures – now compiled, edited, and annotated for the modern reader, brought to you by New York Times bestselling author, Jeffrey Gitomer.

Thank you to everyone who has bought this book. Please leave a review here.

Available on Amazon!

The Little Book of Leadership

By: Jeffrey Gitomer


This comprehensive book will help you understand your situation, identify your opportunities, create your objectives, execute by action and delegation, and establish a leadership position through enthusiasm, brilliance, action, collaboration, resilience, and achievement.

The time for real-world leadership is NOW. This is a leadership book that transcends theory and philosophy, and gets right down to brass tacks and brass tactics, and adds a few brass balls.It’s full of practical, pragmatic, actionable ideas and strategies that when implemented assure respect and loyalty – and ensure long-term success and legacy.

The 12.5 Leadership Strengths revealed in this book will challenge you, admonish you, guide you, and create new success opportunities for you.

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