Law of Success: The Original Unedited Edition in Four Volumes

Napoleon Hill is best known worldwide for his book Think and Grow Rich, which has sold millions of copies and contributed to the success of countless readers. As you may know, nine years before Think and Grow Rich, Dr. Hill wrote Law of Success, a sixteen-part masterwork that laid the basis for all Hill’s future work. With Law of Success, Hill identified and explained the character traits, behaviors, and beliefs that came to be known as the “16 Principles of the Science of Success.”

The sheer size of Law of Success is daunting, running to 800 to 1000 pages depending on the edition. Originally designed and produced in a 16 part series, each volume or chapter was substantial yet accessible. The information was readily absorbed over the course of a month before the next volume arrived.

Today we are pleased to release a newly typeset edition of the original 1928 Law of Success in a reader-friendly four-volume format. Each volume covers four principles. This current Foundation-authorized edition is designed to be easy to read and hold while remaining extremely affordable. As stated, this set is currently the only edition of the original, unedited Law of Success officially authorized and published by the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

Whether you are a long-time admirer of Think and Grow Rich or a newcomer to Napoleon Hill, we encourage you to study the original manuscript of Dr. Hill’s philosophy of success. Learning and applying the lessons in Law of Success will surely enhance and increase your own achievements in life.

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