What Certified Instructors Can Do

What Certified Instructors Can Do 2018-06-22T16:12:35-04:00

Once or twice yearly, the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center conducts International Leader Certifications for those individuals who have a burning desire to share their love of Napoleon Hill’s Philosophy of Success as part of their life’s mission. In advance, they complete two courses in order to prepare for this certification class – one being a home study course, and the second being an internet course. Once completed successfully, these students then may advance to qualify for the final course – Leader Certification.

Each student enters the course because they have ALREADY decided the use that they want to put the material to in their life. This is a self-help motivational series of courses designed to assist you in working primarily with yourself and then with others as a licensed leader with a certificate of completion from the Foundation. It is not a license or a partnership for employment through the Foundation.

This is not a franchise agreement, although we do those for yearly fees for international countries. As with any diploma from a school of study, such as a BA in English or BS in Science, the school from which you graduate does not employ you or find you a job. We can point you in a direction such as local community colleges (if you have the prerequisites to teach), prisons (if prisons in your area are open to this type of instruction), religious centers, etc., but ultimately what you do with your new found learning and knowledge depends upon your own personal persuasion and initiative. Please watch the video that Ray Stendall did and read again the page on our website about what you can do with our leader certification once you complete the process.

The majority of people use this training within their area of employment – they instruct their staff or offer courses for distributors or agents. Many of our instructors are in the field of insurance, sales, teaching, religious studies, real estate, etc., and apply this knowledge to their immediate area of interest within their current area of employment.

If you decide to measure up, take control of your life, and use personal education for the enrichment tool that it is, we hope to see you in one of our Leader Certification Courses this year.