Behind the Scenes, THINK: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich is the catalyst and common thread among many of today’s thought leaders and visionary entrepreneurs.

THINK The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich will be a feature length docudrama film chronicling the story of some of today’s most renowned entrepreneurs, cultural icons and thought leaders. This feature length film will relate how the book has impacted their lives and propelled their success. Interwoven with dramatic vignettes, the movie will bring to life classic inspirational stories from Think and Grow Rich. THINK will unlock the eminent significance behind the secret of Think and Grow Rich, revealing the global impact the book has created and serve as a continued legacy.

The interviewees will impart their knowledge and personal insight to reveal a modern day continuation of the legacy of Think and Grow Rich. And by doing so, THINK will touch MILLIONS of lives and inspire world thought leaders and entrepreneurs for generations to come!

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