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In addition to being a passionate trainer and coach as well as an Instructor certified by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, and a graduate of the PMA Distance Learning course, that has had a major influence on his thinking, Dr. Andreas Baumgartner is a globally recognized economic development and special economic zones expert, having worked for years at the overlap of business, law, and politics. He is passionate about creating opportunities for people, applying the principles of Napoleon Hill. You can reach Andreas at andreas@highup-partners.com or a.baumgartner@stir.global


“Self-discipline” – a term considered a virtue in most cultures. Yet, also a term that, somehow, has a bit of a negative connotation. A term that is often perceived as the opposite of fun. The opposite of spontaneous. The opposite of “enjoying life”. The opposite of pleasing to be with, of creative, of colorful?

Wrong. If this is your perception, think again. Self-discipline is your friend, it is an enabler, a powerful ally for achieving your dreams, your purpose, in a sustainable way!

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