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Loretta Levin

Director of Operations Levin Eye Care Center
Whiting Indiana United States Website: http://www.levineyecare.com
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Loretta Levin is the director of Levin Eye Care Center in Whiting, Indiana. She has 23 years experience in Optometry, working along with her husband Dr. Steven A. Levin. Dr. Levin has been in practice for 43 years specializing in primary care optometry and vision therapy. As director of Levin Eye Care Center, Loretta oversees the daily operations of the practice, in addition to supervising the Vision Therapy Program. This program is designed to identify and remediate learning related vision problems, strabismus (crossed eyes) and visual difficulties due to traumatic brain injuries. She has an unparalleled commitment to serving in excellence and to dedicate herself to the ever fast-growing field of optometry. She leads the team at Levin Eye Care Center with diligence and an endless desire to reach new levels. Loretta completed the Purdue Entrepreneurship Program to gain greater wisdom in business. She also has a leader certification from the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center to teach the principles of success to others and currently provides corporate training.


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