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Sophia Bailey-Larsen

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Sophia Bailey-Larsen is a Vision Creation Mentor and Inspirational Trainer.  She shares her
personal brand of self development for the spiritually minded.

Starting as a teenage Mum on a council estate, personal development transformed Sophia ́s
life by helping her see what’s possible when you master your mind and focus on your vision. Her story is included in the international best selling book Journeys to Success which features authors whose success was influenced by the work of Napoleon Hill.

Sophia has been studying Napoleon Hill ́s work for over a decade and has trained over
7,000 women worldwide on what it takes to create wealth from a definite purpose.

As well as being one of the first British Napoleon Hill Certified Leadership Instructors, she
has been recognised as one of the 50 most influential Black Entrepreneurs in the UK. Her
next goal is to reach a global stage where she can impact 5,000 families with her message
of possibility.

You are invited to join Sophia in the Think and Grow Rich Mastery Facebook group.


Defeat is not what defeats you.

To have a positive mental attitude doesn´t mean that you never feel defeated, it means that you don´t let that feeling stop you from succeeding.

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