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The name Happy was a nickname given to Surrender by his mother, when he was just 4 years old, unfortunately, his mother committed suicide because his dad was an alcoholic which later he stopped drinking and became sober person and inspired happy but later his dad passed away too. (Happy says: Alcohol, Drugs, Grambling, Indecision and Procrastination is the major causes of family, personal and professional failures)

During his teens, he was homeless twice and had to sleep on local trains and park benches and Hotel lobbies in the city of Mumbai, India. Through it all, he remained hopeful (not hopeless) and always had a definite purpose in life to become a noble servant of the world to serve others with love and compassion.

At the age of 8, Mr. Happy Bains became self-employed by becoming an inventor as a mechanic while working in a local automobile garage and factory in Mumbai, India. He then went on to have a diverse career journey as an international model, actor, celebrity manager, fashion and event director. He now runs his successful Canadian company GURU! GLOBAL CONSULTING LTD. with a mandate to create and help young people, new immigrants, and existing businesses to improve their quality of life. He has a heartfelt passion and mission to empower people for massive success to unlock their hidden talents so they can benefit from their major purpose of life.

Happy Bains is also a visionary and certified “Success Coach”. He leverages over 20 years of his global experience in Youth & Women Empowerment to help his global clients successfully generate millions to enhance their lifestyle, careers, and business development. He gets his results by conducting various online coaching/consulting/speaking seminars and using his extensive international business network.

After doing over 18,000 hours of research and study about success and failure Happy’s greatest opportunity opened when he was selected to become Napoleon Hill Certified Leader/Instructor and he strongly believes in each principles which has enhanced his lifestyle towards a new paramount.

His favorite and important take away from the Dr. Hill is that “Nothing will ever happen in your life if you do not take ACTION towards these success principles or towards your major purpose of life”

Happy Bains Being a Featured Author in Book Published on Amazon as a best seller: “Pathway to a Positive Mental Attitude” 17 Steps to Success Conversations with World-Class Napoleon Hill Certified Leaders

Happy has been honoured to appear on global TV, Radio, Online News, Business Magazine, and honoured to give the commencement speech for the graduating students of 2019 CDI College Canada. Also, he participated as a judge and mentor for various global institutions such as UBC Sauder School of Business, Canada. University

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