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“Any business whose management has the foresight to adopt a policy which consolidates management, employees and the public it serves in a spirit of team work, provides itself with an insurance policy against failure.” ~Napoleon Hill

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Success Habits
by Napoleon Hill

Never-before-published wisdom from famed self-help author, Napoleon Hill


Napoleon Hill, the legendary author of the classic bestseller, Think and Grow Rich, has been immortalized for his contributions to the self-help genre. In this never-before-published work, Hill shares his principles of success, key habits that provide the basis for life-changing success. Success Habits explains the fundamental rules that lead to a prosperous life. From the importance of having Definiteness of Purpose to the inexorable influence of the Cosmic Habit Force, Hill’s principles offer a new way of thinking about intention, self-discipline, and the way we lead our lives.

Originally a series of radio talks delivered in Paris, Missouri, Success Habits is filled with personal anecdotes and stories and is written in an approachable, conversational style. Hill’s insights apply to every facet of life, inspiring readers to leverage his principles to achieve their own aspirations and create the successful lives they have always dreamed of.

Now available on Amazon.com



THE MOVIE: Watch the MOVIE TRAILER and see the massive amount of value in this film and the bonus features.  This for Napoleon Hill subscribers/customers!

THE BOOK: Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy is the essential modern companion to the bestselling self-help book of all time, Napoleon Hill’s 1937 classic, Think and Grow Rich.  This book, released in conjunction with the major motion picture, Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy.

Readers will be inspired through unflinching accounts of some of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and cultural icons who rose above the unlikeliest and in some cases, most tragic of circumstances to find personal fulfillment and make their mark on the world.


“I am a graduate of my Grandfather’s philosophy. I studied Napoleon Hill for years, reading Think and Grow Rich now eight times. I even used his philosophy to change my life —twice! In spite of this, the course pulled the philosophy all together for me and gave me a deeper understanding!”

~ Dr. J.B. Hill
(Napoleon Hill’s Grandson)


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Vintage Essays By Judy Williamson, Director of the Napoleon Hill World Learning Center at Purdue University Calumnet

Dear Readers,

THE GREATEST WASTE of all is the waste of our own potential mind power. The famous Harvard professor and psychologist William James estimated that the average person uses only 10 percent of his mental power. He has unlimited power—yet he uses only about one-tenth of it. The power to be what you want to be, to get what you desire, and to accomplish whatever it is you are striving for abides within you. You are the one who is responsible for bringing it forth and putting it to work.

Within you is this power that, when properly grasped and directed, can lift you out of the rut of mediocrity and place you among the few who make large accomplishments in life. You must learn to use this power and realize that the mind can achieve all things.

One ship drives east and another drives west
With the selfsame winds that blow.
’Tis the set of the sails, and not the gales,
That tell us the way they go.
Like the winds of the sea are the ways of fate,
As we voyage along through life:
’Tis the set of a soul that decides its goal,
And not the calm or the strife.

Every sincere person wants to better their condition in life.

One may observe that many people who have accomplished a great deal seem to be no more capable or learned than those who struggle day after day, yet accomplish very little. What is the power that gives new life to those who succeed on the road to success?

Your own belief in yourself is a power within you that makes all things attainable. You can do anything that you think you can do. Belief in yourself allows you the expectation that you can solve every problem that faces humanity and obtain everything that is right.

In the following excerpt from The Master Key to Riches Napoleon Hill introduces us to “Eight Princes” that are inside of us all, and these “Princes” can empower us to succeed!


I wish you the best,
Don Green
Executive Director Napoleon Hill Foundation


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The Eight Princes
by Napoleon Hill

The princes serve me through a technique that is simple and adaptable.

Every night, as the last order of the day’s activities, the Princes and I have a roundtable session, the Major Purpose of which is to permit me to express my gratitude for the service they have rendered me during the day.

The conference proceeds precisely as it would if the Princes were revealed to me in the flesh, but of course they exist on a higher plane than the physical, and I contact them through the power of thought.

Here you may receive your first test as to your capacity to “condition” your mind for the acceptance of riches. When the shock comes just remember what happened when Morse, and Marconi, and Edison, and Ford and the Wright Brothers first announced their perfection of new and better ways of rendering service. It will help you to stand up under the shock.

And now let us go into a session with the Princes:


Today has been beautiful.

It has provided me with health of body and mind. It has given me food and clothing.

It has brought me another day of opportunity to be of service to others.

It has given me peace of mind and freedom from all fear.

For these blessings I am grateful to you, my Princes of Guidance. I am grateful to all of you collectively for having unraveled the tangled skein of my past life, thereby freeing my mind, my body and my soul from all causes and effects of both fear and strife.

Prince of Material Prosperity, I am grateful to you for having kept my mind attuned to the consciousness of opulence and plenty, and free from the fear of poverty and want.

Prince of Sound Physical Health, I am grateful to you for having attuned my mind to the consciousness of sound health, thereby providing the means by which every cell of my body and every physical organ is being adequately supplied with an inflow of cosmic energy sufficient unto its needs, and providing a direct contact with Infinite Intelligence which is sufficient for the distribution and application of this energy where it is required.

Prince of Peace of Mind, I am grateful to you for having kept my mind free from all inhibitions and self-imposed limitations, thereby providing my body and my mind with complete rest.

Prince of Hope, I am grateful to you for the fulfillment of today’s desires, and for your promise of fulfillment of tomorrow’s aims.

Prince of Faith, I am grateful to you for the guidance which you have given me; for your having inspired me to do that which has been helpful to me, and for turning me back from doing that which had it been done would have proven harmful to me. You have given power to my thoughts, momentum to my deeds, and the wisdom which has enabled me to understand the laws of Nature, and the judgment to enable me to adapt myself to them in a spirit of harmony.

Prince of Love, I am grateful to you for having inspired me to share my riches with all whom I have contacted this day; for having shown me that only that which I give away can I retain as my own. And I am grateful too for the consciousness of love with which you have endowed me, for it has made life sweet and all my relationships with others pleasant.

Prince of Romance, I am grateful to you for having inspired me with the spirit of youth despite the passing of the years.

Prince of Overall Wisdom, my eternal gratitude to you for having transmuted into an enduring asset of priceless value, all of my past failures, defeats, errors of judgment and of deed, all fears, mistakes, disappointments and adversities of every nature; the asset consisting of my willingness and ability to inspire others to take possession of their own minds and to use their mind power for the attainment of the riches of life, thus providing me with the privilege of sharing all of my blessings with those who are ready to receive them, and thereby enriching and multiplying my own blessings by the scope of their benefit to others.

My gratitude to you also for revealing to me the truth that no human experience need become a liability; that all experiences may be transmuted into useful service; that the power of thought is the only power over which I have complete control; that the power of thought may be translated into happiness at will; that there are no limitations to my power of thought save only those which I set up in my own mind.

My greatest asset consists in my good fortune in having recognized the existence of the Eight Princes, for it is they who conditioned my mind to receive the benefits of the Twelve Riches.

It is the habit of daily communication with the Princes which insures me the endurance of these riches, let the circumstances of life be whatever they may.

The Princes serve as the medium through which I keep my mind fixed upon the things I desire and off of the things I do not desire!

They serve as a dependable fetish, a rosary of power, through which I may draw at will upon the powers of thought, with “each hour a pearl, each pearl a blessing.”

They provide me with continuous immunity against all forms of negative mental attitude; thus they destroy both the seed of negative thought and the germination of that seed in the soil of my mind.

They help me to keep my mind fixed upon my Major Purpose in life, and to give the fullest expression to the attainment of that purpose.

They keep me at peace with myself, at peace with the world, and in harmony with my own conscience.

They aid me in closing the doors of my mind to all unpleasant thoughts of past failures and defeats. Nay, they aid me in converting all of my past liabilities into assets of priceless value.

The Princes have revealed to me the existence of that “other self ’ which thinks, moves, plans, desires and acts by the impetus of a power which recognizes no such reality as an impossibility.

Source: The Master Key to Riches by Napoleon Hill

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Think and Grow Rich Caribbean Cruise
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Join us on this Redesign your Life Exclusive Caribbean Cruise!
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Get away and revitalize your mind, body & spirit and relaunch yourself into the life you desire.

On this 5-day cruise, you will get a deeper understanding of the Think and Grow Rich principles that have transformed millions of peoples lives and that will change yours too, you will learn how to start a workshop, how to market and monetize your business. And much more!

Join Rosetta Q, Satish Verma and Don Green from the Napoleon Hill Foundation for this Life Changing Experience.

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The Rear-View Mirror
by Jim Stovall


You may have heard someone say referring to a particularly frustrating or embarrassing moment, “If I had only known then what I know now…” You may have even said or felt this yourself. While it would be nice to be able to relive our past with the benefit of our current wisdom and knowledge, this is impossible. You can’t avoid a bad situation with wisdom you gained from the bad situation you are trying to avoid.

William Blake said, “You must live your life going forward, but you can only understand it looking backward.” This leaves us with the prospect of boldly moving ahead into uncharted waters without any personal experience or understanding of many situations; however, we need not move into the future unarmed. A smart person learns from his or her own mistakes, while a wise person learns from the mistakes and experiences of others.

Virtually everyone is going through their daily lives hoping to have a great idea. The only thing you need to do to have a great idea is to wait for something bad to happen in your daily routine and ask the pertinent question, “How could I have avoided that?” The answer to that simple question is a great idea. Taking it one step further, you can simply ask, “How can I help other people avoid that?” The answer to that question introduces a great opportunity, venture, or business.

You need not experience every problem or challenge in life to learn from it. When you’re driving along a road that you think is only wet but you see that a car in front of you has slid into the ditch, you can gain wisdom from their experience by realizing the road is not merely wet but covered with black ice; you can, therefore, reduce your speed, proceed with caution, and avoid a situation revealed by someone else. Life is navigated looking through the windshield but understood peering into the rearview mirror.

You can meet the wisest people who ever lived and learn their profound secrets gained through their own mistakes, errors, and painful experiences within the pages of many great biographies. Always think before you act, and if you don’t have any personal experience to consider, study the path that others have traveled before you, and avoid the pitfalls.

As you go through your day today, keep your windshield clean and your rearview mirror focused.

Today’s the day!
Jim Stovall

Source: Jim Stovall’s Winners Wisdom, Vol. Three

Jim Stovall is the president of Narrative Television Network as well as a published author of many books including The Ultimate Gift. He is also a columnist and motivational speaker. He may be reached at 5840 South Memorial Drive, Suite 312, Tulsa, OK 74145-9082; by email at Jim@JimStovall.com; on Twitter at www.twitter.com/stovallauthor; or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/jimstovallauthor.

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The PMA Bookshelf

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Think and Grow Rich


Master-Key to Riches

Truthful Living

by Napoleon Hill, annotated by
Jeffrey Gitomer

What readers are saying:

“Another Gem Amongst His Many Gems – Truthful Living is NOT just a book for people in sales; it is for people who are still breathing or in other words, EVERYONE!” ~ Gymbeaux

“A Masterclass in Napoleon Hill’s Foundational Wisdom and Real-World Application – There is a reason why I ordered copies for my entire team and all of my mastermind students. Don’t just buy the book, buy additional copies for those you care most about. They’ll thank you and you will have given them a gift that could change their life.” ~ Joe Soto

The foundation of Napoleon Hill’s self-help legacy: his long-lost original notes, letters, and lectures – now compiled, edited, and annotated for the modern reader, brought to you by New York Times bestselling author, Jeffrey Gitomer.

Thank you to everyone who has bought this book. Please leave a review here.

Available on Amazon!

Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules

by Napoleon Hill


Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rules: The Lost Writings consists of a series of magazine articles Napoleon Hill wrote between 1919 and1923 for Success Magazine, of which he eventually become an editor. Hill’s obsession with achieving material success had led him from poverty stricken Appalachian Mountains with the desire to study successful people.

These articles focus on Hill’s philosophy of success, drawing on the thoughts and experience of a multitude of rags-to-riches tycoons, showing readers how these successful people achieved such status.

Many of his writings such as the chapter on Law of Attraction, written in the March 1919 issue, have recently basis of several bestselling books. Readers will discover principles that will assure their success if studied and put into action.

Now available on Amazon.com

Success and Something Greater: Your Magic Key

by Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid


In Think and Grow Rich – Success and Something Greater, authors Sharon Lechter and Greg Reid once again join forces with the Napoleon Hill Foundation including never before published original content from Napoleon Hill.

In today’s world of instant news and social media, businesses, leaders and influencers must find a way to differentiate themselves from all their competition and engage people in their missions. They need to rise above all the noise. They can do this by defining their Secret Sauce or Magic Key. Reid and Lechter followed the proven path of Hill and sought out multi-millionaires and asked them to share the Magic Keys to their success and legacy.

While their individual stories differ significantly…they all share a devotion to their mission…to their secret sauce…their Magic Key…their legacy.

Available on Amazon.com

The Little Book of Leadership

By: Jeffrey Gitomer


This comprehensive book will help you understand your situation, identify your opportunities, create your objectives, execute by action and delegation, and establish a leadership position through enthusiasm, brilliance, action, collaboration, resilience, and achievement.

The time for real-world leadership is NOW. This is a leadership book that transcends theory and philosophy, and gets right down to brass tacks and brass tactics, and adds a few brass balls.It’s full of practical, pragmatic, actionable ideas and strategies that when implemented assure respect and loyalty – and ensure long-term success and legacy.

The 12.5 Leadership Strengths revealed in this book will challenge you, admonish you, guide you, and create new success opportunities for you.

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