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Ezine 634 | 15 March 2019

Last week we concluded the series of articles from Napoleon Hill’s first magazine publications. This week we begin sharing excerpts from one of Napoleon Hill’s greatest publications – The Law of Success. Napoleon Hill's words have positively influenced millions of people worldwide. His books, lectures, magazine articles, and audio and video programs have shown them the way to personal and professional achievement...

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Ezine 633 | 08 March 2019

A good friend and mentor of mine, James A. Brown, Jr. once told me the following story: I remember the seventh grade when I was encouraged to read books. It was the first time I had been tested as to what grade level I had reached—and guess what? Here I was in the seventh grade, and I tested at fifth-grade level. My teacher told the class she would make a record of the books we read by putting a star by each name every time we read a book and gave her a two-page report. By the end of the year, nobody in my class was even close to the number of books I had read...

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Ezine 632 | 01 March 2019

Becoming a millionaire or multimillionaire may engender a good feeling, and reaching any other worthwhile goal may be very satisfying to you, but the important point you should plant in your subconscious is that what you become during the process is what should matter most. When he wrote, “Success is a journey, not a destination,” author Ben Sweetland probably said it best...

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Ezine 631 | 22 February 2019

Just what are the factors that define what it takes to be a success? If you ask different people, you will receive many different answers. Some will suggest being highly educated; others will think it takes hard work. Others will remember President Calvin Coolidge’s statement on persistence. Walter Chrysler, the automobile genius, reminded us that nothing worthwhile was ever accomplished without enthusiasm. All of these traits are of great help, but by themselves they are not what it takes to make someone successful...

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Ezine 630 | 15 February 2019

It has been said, “Nature holds for each of us all that we need to make us useful and happy, but she requires us to labor and wait for all we get.” We are given nothing of value that does not include the need for labor, and we can expect to overcome difficulties only by strong and noble work. In our striving for “something better than we have known,” we should work for others’ good rather than for our own pleasure. Those whose object in life is their own happiness find at last that their lives are sad failures...

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Ezine 629 | 08 February 2019

Napoleon Hill’s first magazine was called Hill’s Golden Rule and it was born in Napoleon Hill’s mind on Armistice Day, November 11, 1918. The end of the World War so inspired Hill that he vowed that day to create a new magazine to promote the philosophy of the golden rule in personal achievement and business success...

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Ezine 628 | 01 February 2019

My mother may have had only a seventh-grade education, but, like my dad, she often found things she could do for those around her on a daily basis. Mom used the phone to check on elderly friends and neighbors to see if they were OK and to see if they had taken their medicine or if they needed any help...

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Ezine 627 | 25 January 2019

While I was working in the finance business, I was offered the job as second in command at a new bank. Once I had the job, I believed that I could become the chief executive officer of a bank. Not only did I compare myself to others in the position of CEO, but I believed that I needed only experience and the opportunity. It was important that I saw myself as a bank CEO. I continued to prepare myself for the job...

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